Ally loved the boy band one direction and when she was shipped to Bradford, England from Forbes, Australia the last thing she expected was that her cousin (who for some reason her parents made it clear that she had to live with him after they died....) was the Zayn Malik from the One Direction. And the last thing she wanted was for one of the other boys to fall for her.


1. Meetings

Ally's POV
"Here we are." The cab driver says pulling up in front of a nice looking house on the quiet street. Of course it was quiet who's up at freaking 3:30 in the fucking morning?!

"Thanks." I say and go around to pick up my suitcase and guitar from the trunk and walk slowly up the steps to the big house. I hope he got the letter explains everything, but then again he did only meet me once when I was like five. I reach the door and ring the bell and I hear someone run, slip then stumble and a tousled haired Zayn Malik opened the door. It took me a minute to regain my composure.

"Oh sorry must be the wrong house...." I say turning but not before Zayn can say something.

"Ally Taylor right?" I stop on the spot and turn back again.

"Ya..." I say as he holds out his hand for me to shake.

"I'm Zayn, your cousin."
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