Paranormal Activity ~

You have just moved in to a house almost in the middle of nowhere with your older brother and mom.You always made fun of ghosts and everything that had to do with anything "Scary".You go up to an attic and find a journal and it's first page says "Paranormal Activity in middle" You laugh to yourself but take the book anyways , but what you didn't know is that ever single thing in there is true.

This is for a cpmpetition that I really want to win so please comment and like :)


1. Chapter one~ Moving.

I'm basically going to be living in the middle of nowhere. That does not freak me out I mean like come on what's the worst that can happen to me,i'm going to get dragged by a ghost from paranormal activity hahahahaha funny.I think that all that stuff is stupid like I don't believe in that stuff, not even the scariest thing can get me.You may ask why i'm moving in a house in the middle of nowhere , but it's actually a pretty funny story.Ready to hear it, I think you are. Well my mom says that when she went to check out the house everything was fine, like there was a bunch of houses and it was a beautiful place, but then she came back 1 week later to move the furniture and all the houses were gone like legit gone. I found that the most funniest thing ever and you may say "how is that funny ?" well let's see the houses like magically disappeared.Anyways I have to go pack to leave to the middle of the nowhere.That sounded funnier in my head well I guess this is the last you will hear of me.BOO ! Did I scare you yet ?....





















You may not be scared but after you find my journal you're going to think twice.


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