Krystal Black is just an ordinary girl who lives in a small town in California. On her 17th birthday she get's Justin Bieber tickets. But her family isn't very wealthy, so she is sitting in one of the last rows. When Justin follows her on twitter and DM's her she couldn't believe it! But what she couldn't believe any more is what happens at the concert..............**read to find out**



Krystal's POV-

I was walking to my room after a long day of highschool when it hit me, today was Friday! YES, WEEKEND!! I ran into my room hit 'Play' on my iHome and plopped on my bed, 'As Long As You Love Me' By the one and only Justin Bieber started playing. I smiled and started to sing along. I got on my  phone and got onto twitter.

'Hey Beliebers! Can't wait to see you all in L.A tomorrow! Much Love!!' Was Justin's latest tweet. I smiled, then I rememered, TOMORROW WAS MY 17th BIRTHDAY!!!! I wish I could go to his concert, that would be the best birthday EVER!!! But, sadly, we don't have enough money, and it's me-that would NEVER happen to me. Even if I say 'Never Say Never' or 'Believe' it would never happen to me.

"Krystal! Time to eat!!" My mom yelled. I ran downstairs, and sat down and started to eat.

"Krys, we have something to tell you!" My mom said with a smile on her face and my dad grabbed your hand.

"You are going to the--" Then my brother spilled his milk. Gosh! I WANNA KNOW WHERE I AM GOING!!!

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