She was only 14.

"She was only 14."
I'm Rachel. My best-friend Lucy killed herself last week. I'm NOT happy. It's kind of OK though; she's with me now.


1. 03.02.2012

Lucy joined me last week. I was not happy.

3rd February 2012

Lucy had just broken up with Damion. She was upset. Too upset. She found out what he'd been doing behind her back. She didn't understand why. To be quite honest. No-one did. He decided he would be faithful to Lucy and make a pass at her one of her best-friends, Chips.

Chips told her about the monstrosity. Lucy, as you gathered, was not happy. Neither was I. She stood with tears on the edge of her eyes. Chips and Lucy's other best-friend Roxanne(Roxy) took her into a teachers classroom and whilst there Lucy cried, and cried, and cried some more. After she got it all out of her system, Roxy took her to their lesson. 

Ring! Off went the school bell and everyone was piling out of their classrooms to go home. Lucy and Roxy walked back home and had a good laugh. Which was good. No-one knew what would happen when Lucy went home though. No-one had the faintest clue.

Lucy said goodbye to Roxy at the end of Roxy's road. Lucy walked the rest of the way home and was fine pretty much all day. She sat at home, did homework, tidied her room. Did things that kept her busy and kept her mind off of what had happened.

When she had nothing left to do, of course, she started to think about what had happened. Once again, she cried and cried, until it all became too much. She did something no-one, not even her best-friends, myself, or even her herself thought she would do. She took scissors out of her stationery box and that's where it began. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Eight cuts. No wrong. Add another seven to the previous eight. That makes, 8... 9... 10... 11... 12... that makes 15. The extra seven came from the amount of strokes she used to slice the letters D.W in her arm- standing for Damion Witting.

This was only the beginning.

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