Teach me how to be a sexy chick

Jasmine is a young for her age 18 year old who acts like a little girly who has never had a boyfriend, but then she gets a phone call that could change her whole life


1. The girly girl phone call

"Mummy, can I have pancakes for pudding tomorrow?" pleaded Jasmine , "Ok darling as long as you give mummy a kissy" said mummy. Then the phone suddenly rang louder than usual Jasmine thought, she awnsered the phone and the person on the other side only said two words before hanging up and those words were grow up. Jasmine did not get what the person on the phone meant by these words. The   very next day at the exact same time and it kept happening for a while but it was not always the same words it changed to sentences after a while, once she said to Jasmine that she needs a sexy badass chick like her as a friend so she wouldnt be such a girly girl at 17 years old! One day her mum answerd the phone and the person on the phone asked her mum if she could come round for she was a good friend of Jasmine's  obviously her mum said yes because she had not known that Jasmine had any friends or that Jasmine had been having the phone calls in the first place so it was arranged that she was coming round the next day at the same time she made the phone call that day.

Jasmine was excited and frightened at the same time all because she did not know this girl or why she of the kept phoning her to give these weird comments and tips she did not understand fully but she did not complain to her mummy for she was a good girl.


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