Cruelty and Frustration

Jazz is a 17 year old who thought she had a best friend but then realizes she is a massive bitch who wont leave her alone. Will it all work out or will her fake friend beat her up even more


1. The weirdest day ever

I picked up the phone so I could call Chloe to ask her to come round, ring bring ring ring, Chloe picked up "Hello, is it you Jazz because if it is I cant come round tonight I am going to a party that you were not invited to, sorry!". That was really unusual of Chloe usually she would be over in minutes and usually I am invited to all of the parties unless it is Chloe's other friend Careena shes a bitch!!

 I heard a knock at the door and was pretty sure it was my guitar teacher but when I went to open the door I realized it was Chloe at first I thought she had come round to apologize but instead she wanted me to do her college project witch was totally unfair because she never even helped me with my project but even so I was a good friend to Chloe so I did it anyway. She wanted it to be about clothes and fashion designers and stuff like that because she loves fashion she is one of the most popular girls in college unlike me she is my only friend and I don't know why she hangs out with me.

Today was just another ordinary day at college ...........well it was suppose to be anyway. For starters Chloe did not speak to me all day and her friends said hi to me and even the teachers where nice to me it was the weirdest day ever.

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