The Meandering Thoughts Of A Serial Doodler

Short poem i wrote whilst being pretentious by wearing a bowler hat and drinking coffee. Also the cover directly relates to the poem ^^.


1. The Meandering Thoughts Of A Serial Doodler

I drew this picture of myself.

My eyes are closed,

and I am in this pose,

that might evoke the prose:

'Don't wake me if I'm dreaming.'

I tried to draw you (my lover) adjacent.

With your eyes shut too.

I thought I might draw a thought bubble,

with a heart between us,

to show that I was dreaming of you.

So impatiently I drew your oval head.

But it ended up disproportionate to mine.

So i scribbled out the tiny face,

messy line by messy line.

But then the picture of me was just left there,

with no you as a counterpart.

So I had to change my thought bubble,

as paper me is:

'Dreaming with a broken heart'

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