When I look at You

My name is Dakota. I live in Texas. One day The worlds most popular boyband comes to visit. That's when I meet One Direction. Is there Love? Are there fights? You have to read and find out.



Dakota's POV:

"Mandi Get your fat lazy butt out of you house!" I yelled at my best friend through the phone. "Give me two seconds." Mandi yawned. "Mandi if you don't hurry I will leave to the signing without you." I yelled. She then hung up. My best friend hung up on the most important day of my life. I was just about to pull out of her driveway till I saw her running like a crazy maniac to my car. "DON'T LEAVE!!!!" She yelled. I stopped and waited for her to get into the passenger seat. "Ready?" I asked. "Let me buckle." Mandi sighed. "Oh My god chick can you go any faster?" I exclaimed. "God I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment." Mandi rolled her eyes. "Yes now I'm gonna leave if your ready or not." I started pulling out. "Ready Or Not Here I come I like your face to you like my song?" Mandi sang. I slapped my forehead. Best friends. They are so stupid sometimes but you gotta Love them!

"We're Here!" I squealed like a little girl as we got out of my car. "I can't wait to meet ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!! Maybe They will fall in love with us?" Mandi suggested. "haha I doubt it. Unless they are attracted to mental weirdos." I joked. "True true." Mandi nodded. There were thousands of screaming girls. We couldn't even get through the crowd. "Lets squirm through!" Mandi yelled at me. "Challenge Accepted!" I yelled back. We then pushed our way through the crowd till we got to the security guards. "Tickets please?" He said. I dug through my pockets, but I couldn't find anything. "What! no! I don't have them!" I exclaimed. "Then I need you both to please leave." He said. "But sir I swear I had them they must've fallen out of my pocket!" I insisted. "Ma'am please leave or I'm gonna have to get someone to escort you both out." He said sternly. "But sir my friend is telling the truth!" Mandi replied. The security guard then nodded to someone. Soon Mandi and I were both carried out.

I sat on the curb about to cry. I waited for months and now I don't even have my tickets. "This is stupid! We waited forever and now they just kick us out! how dare they! we will bite their heads off if we have to get in!" Mandi blabbed about how angry she is. "Mandi don't keep trying its over. We are never gonna meet One Direction." i sniffled tears were about to come out of my eyes. "Then what are we gonna do?" Mandi asked confused. "Go some where and forget about those stupid security guards." I replied.

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