What I Never Expected


4. One direction is spending the night

I didn't realize how late it was until Jessica says, "wow it's already midnight!" We all looked at the clock on the tv to see it say 12:01. "That did go fast," Liam adds. "I guess we have to go," Louis says. "Come on we can walk y'all out," I say. We all started walking out the door. We made it to the lobby doors when we hear all these screams coming from outside the doors. "How did the fans know we were here?" Harry says in a shocked voice. I mean I was shocked too. I didn't say anything and I don't believe any of the other girls did either. The boys definitely didn't do it. We all looked at each other in shock. "I guess y'all don't have to leave now," I add into the silence. "Can we really stay?" Louis sakes in an excited voice. I looked at all the other girls and they all nodded vigorously. "I guess you all can because I think the girls agree." "Woo we can stay!" Louis yells as he runs back to our room. Following right behind him is Lisa, Harry, Jessica, Liam, Susie, Zayn, Abbie, Niall, and at last me. I don't like exercise, but I realized has everyone was running who liked who. I thought it was obvious. Louis is with Lisa, Harry is with Jessica, Liam is with Susie, Zayn is with Abbie,and Niall is with me. I think that what's going on. I like Niall so I hope he likes me too.
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