What I Never Expected


6. Liking other people

Knock Knock We all heard the door being knocked on, but no one wanted to get up. After a couple of stares Abbie finally got up. Abbie always falls for puppy dog eyes. The person at the door was a small petite girl. She was around our age so it wasn't like she was 13. "Hello I have your food," she said in a fragil voice. It sounded like a baby's voice. "Oh my goodness let me help you with that," Louis said grabbing the rest of the bags from the girls hand. The girl closed the door quickly without even saying anything. It was weird I thought she would fan girl, but I guess she didn't notice that Louis Tomlinson was in front of her face.

(Abbie's POV)

When Louis brushed passe me to get the bags I felt a spark when we touched. I like Zayn, but I didn't love him. I guess all it was was a little crush. I think I'm starting to like Louis, but I can't because Lisa likes him and I think Louis likes Lisa, so I guess liking Louis is out of the picture.

(Louis's POV)

I felt sorry for that poor girl that had to carry all the bags up the stairs. I shot up to help her. When I went passed and hit Abbie's arm I felt a spark. I think I might like her. Knowing she likes Zayn and Lisa likes me I don't know what to do. I don't fall hard but I am for Abbie. I might just have to win her over.
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