A Vampire

Im a vampire I can be very pretty or as mean as can be.I want to bite you.


1. A Vamoire

Im a vampire

I can be very pretty

Or as mean as can be

I want to bite you


I will have your heart

I will have your soul

I want to look at your face

At the first bite


I will make you purr

With pure delight

Your desire will go deep

I will show you the way of love


I will have you on your knees

Begging please

You will follow me

Where I go


I will come walking to you

With tight skirt and high heels

And a little makeup

You will smell my scent


I will smile

Your heart will melt

Your soul will be mine

As I kiss your body


You will shiver

The taste will be a delight

I will love you

Like you have never been


loved before

I will make you whole

You will be complete

Your ready for loving


So here I come

Let's take a walk

Look on the bright side

Im a vampire


When I bite you

Your longing will be great

I will take you where-you have never been

I will make you forget everything


Living in a vampire's world


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