Summer For Charlotte Jenkins

Meet Charlotte Jenkins, a funny, sweet hearted, wacky girl. Although when her mum sends her to Summer School, she hopes that when one friend turns your life upside down, being weird and having true friends can sort everything out.


1. Chapter 1- Dazing up at the cloud of Summer Lovin’

My mum has just spilled her plan for my summer. ‘Araena Hall’ I love Art, Drama and English but I wanted to visit my dad in England, rather than stay up here in France. I Live in Toulouse, in a wide plain white house with faded out blue shutters. I am quite in love with the garden. It’s filled with beautiful Rose’s, Tulip’s and Daisy’s. The grass has a lovely newly cut grass smell. I sit on my purple hammock in the shade, surrounded by flowers, just reading.

Speaking in French, I told my best friends about Araena Hall. “I don’t even get to see my dad! It’s a nightmare.” I sigh. I look around at them, Bernadette, Juliette and Aimee. “I so wanted to go to Brighton this summer.”

“Look, you’re not going, shut up and stop whining!” Juliette said, frustrated. I, Bernie and Aimee stare at her, shell-shocked. “What?! Whilst you were crying like a little baby, Jean-Luce asked me out!” Jean-Luce? My ex boyfriend? My first true relationship? “He kissed me last night. Your right, Charlotte, he IS such a good kisser!” I saw it wasn’t just me who thought it was creepy, weird and ewwww… It’s basically like me and Juliette were kissing!

“You witch! How could you do that to Charlotte? And to her face?” Bernie said. A harsh and distort expression on her face. Juliette’s face went innocent, and sad.

“But, Charlotte said she was so over him yesterday? You don’t mind do you, Charlotte?” Her tone of voice was nothing like her face. She just sounded snarky and rude.

“So that makes okay? The second she says she’s over him, you leap at him? Gross! And obviously she minds! You are just a spoilt brat!!” Aimee butts in; I just sit there, playing with a strand of grass. The bell rings before anything else happens. Juliette stands up and waves goodbye. Skipping off and then kisses Jean-Luce on the cheek, directly in view.

“Are you okay?” Bernie asks me, politely. I nod, giving her a small smile before I head down the road to my garden. Why I am not bothered with this? Bernie and Aimee said I should be pissed. I’m not. Who cares? A good sleep will clear my head, ready for tomorrow. I have to prepare tomorrow for S.S (Summer School).

At lunchtime, Mum called and dropped the bomb. “Bonjour, Charlotte! Is the bed ready? She’ll be arriving around Dinner.”

“What? Who?” I ask, completely dumbfounded.

“Erm, I think her name is Zoe… Anyway is her bed ready?!”

“Mum, who is Zoe and why is she coming?”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? Zoe is going to Araena Hall as well and the school chooses homes in France, near the school, to send the British.”

“So, I have to share my life with this girl? What if I hate her?”

“Oh, come on! Charlotte Jenkins, it’s only a summer! Grow up.” Then she hung up on me. Great!

I'm really lucky. I have two rooms conected by one door. So if I do end up hating her guts, I'll still have my own space. Zoe's room is the guest room. It has and en suite bathroom, I do use it but so it's easier on  her. She's gonna use it. I mean this isn't her home so if she walks in on my mum shaving her legs or flossing, it'd be weird. So yeah. Have moved all my stuff into mum's bathroom. I am actually so glad I get my own space because to be honest I normally cant deal with people messing my room up. My room can be messy with my stuff. Just NOT other peoples. It just freaks me out. I dont know why. I think that’s her… I open the door and find a girl about my age (fifteen, just), with blonde curls and brown eyes. “Err…Bon…jour, me ZOE!” her eyes widened on ‘Zoe’.

“I’m English.” I say with a smile.

“Oh,” she sighs with relief. “Yay! I don’t know if I could survive with just ‘oui’!!”

We have alot in common, it turns out. Our mum's and dad's are seperated. Our favourites fruit are mango and lychee (but I also love cherry's).

 Zoe suddenly asked me, “Do you want to Summer Romance?” I raised my eyebrow, she giggled and replied, “Not with me, you numpty! But dazing up at the cloud of ‘Summer Lovin’” We both broke in to the song ‘Summer Lovin’ by Grease. Oh and we both love Grease - the movie not the hair stuff... ew.

My mum the barged into the room, whilst we were acting out Sandy and Danny. I was Danny, she was Sandy. Then we turned into Cats. I don't know why. “I guess you guys have gotten to know a bit about each other, how about some salad?” Mum said, muffling her giggle.


After dinner, I and Zoe picked what we were going to wear tomorrow. Well she did. I don't care what I wear as long as my shoulders were coverd. I hate them. They're jut ew.

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