Second Life

Young 17 year old Katrina has to live a tragic life just to figure out who she really is. She meets a curious little girl who is apparently a ghost. This little girl knows every tiny piece to the puzzle of Katrina's life. How does she contact this little girl. She has to kill herself first. Read this story to find out if she risks her original life, to have a better second life, or if she lives in pain the rest of her 'original' life.

attention readers, the worst word in the story is probably hell. that's the max of bad words it gets to in this story. so don't worry about the f, b,or a word being in this story.


1. An Answer

    My heart pumps. Blood flows. My eyes go blurry. Where am I? That question comes later. The real question is who am I? I don't know. That's the sad part. But, I know who does know. A little girl, white dress, blood stains, black eyes, no pupils. How do i get to her? Simple solution, death.



   "What the hell?" I whisper to my self.. I appear in a classroom, and as curious as i was, i acted like i knew what was going on. Did i just have a...dream? No...impossible. I don't know what's wrong with me. But I cant stop it. Suddenly, i hear my name called. 

"Katrina, would you like to give this problem a try?"

"BACK OFF!" i screamed. Everyone stared at me,including the teacher. What have I done? Questions invaded my head.

"See me after class please." finished Mr.Hunter. Then, the bell rung. Everyone raced out, while in the meanwhile, I stayed in my seat. 

"Ms. Nummer, I think I'm going to have to give you a suspension for a week. Email me if you have any questions." he said.

"Please don't call me by my last name EVER again." I replied and walked out the door. My friend named Bryce sped up with me and started to walk. 

"Hey babe, what are you so sad about?" he asked.

"Don't call me babe, I'm not your girlfriend." I said angrily.

"Oh come on pumpkin, we r good friends, and I kinda have feeling for you." he said sadly. I stopped and put my hands on his shoulders, then i kissed him. I felt pleasure, but then again, it was not right. He already had a girlfriend. I let go and looked at him for a while.

"You got what you wanted, now go away. You already have a girlfriend. Go make out with her.Not me." I said nicely.

"But I-

I interrupted him my putting my fingers over his mouth. "Just go." i said a bit more angry. He did what I said and walked away. 



I made me way home, and standing there for me was my mom. Her brown short hair looked greasy and her frown looked deadly. She grabbed my arm and said firmly, "DON'T come in my house unless you know how to behave at school, like a normal person.

"Don't tell me what to do. I'm almost 18 mom! AND, I'm certainly not your little play toy anymore." i said confident and walked in my house, straight up to my room. I locked the door, and curled up in a ball crying. My life, it''s..well...not a life. Suicidal thoughts came to me. But i knew i did  not have the guts to kill my self. Then the same question came to me. Who am I? It almost feels like I've been brainwashed to forget my life. And to get back the answers i need to......I couldn't remember. I wiped away my tears and popped my laptop onto my bed. I opened it up and looked for any recent news of a brainwash. As shocked as I was, the internet proved me right. It read all about another person who got what i did. I scrolled down to watch a video of how to cure it 

   As i watched, i slowly remembered. A little girl, white dress, blood stains, black eyes, no pupils, sharp teeth. That was my answer. But how could i find her? I scrolled down to find the answer, and there it was. I have to kill myself first.



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