The Court Games

When King James I declares a love between a maiden and a peasant, how will Elizabeth,the maiden, handle the situation? She is in love with John, a handsome young sailor. But once ,Marco,the peasant's name is called she realizes that this is not going to be easy.How will she deal?


1. The Declaration

"I declare that I will choose two test subjects to complete the experiment of my lifetime. I declare one maiden and one peasant to fall in love, arranged, but love is love fellow citizens of the court, correct?" King James 1 declared.

"Yes, sir." they replied back in a sort of meloncholy tone.

"Please hand me the scroll, my loyal court jester." The scrawny court jester ambles to a stain glass table and picks up the ancient scroll that has two names scribed in it.

"Ladies first," Kind James 1 starts off "Elizabeth Kyle-Odalys." As I hear my name being called I am in shock, for I already have a lover and I don't wish for a new one.

"Baby." My handsome, clean cut man, John, tells me, not finishing his sentence."I love you no matter what happens between you and the other man. Think of me, fondly."

A tear rolls down my cheek, as I know the inevitable. I will never love him again.

"Elizabeth?" King James 1 calls out as I slowly step to the front of the court room. My slightly raised platform shoes click-clack on the newly polished travertine tile.

"Ahh, there you are." He says to me sweetly as he helps me up onto the throne platform.

"Now a man to accompany this lovely young lady," He trails him finger onto the paper until it reaches a name in fuzzy letters."Marco Tarliese"

A young man, very beautiful comes forward out of the crowd. He is dressed in an old baggy shirt with some khaki pants, as I wear a tight blue corset dress.

"Please take a seat, sir." The kings says directly to Marco.

"Hello" Marco says to me in a hushed tone. I don't reply, even though those beautiful, deep brown eyes convince me to say something. I fight the tempting urge and focus on the subject of the matter. I'm going to have to kiss, sleep and love this total stranger.

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