what if i told you that zayn malik is in love with a homeless girl. a girl which has a pair of shoes 2 t shirts , 1 jeans and a itchy red dress . read and find ou
blurb sucks but read its interesting.i hope.


1. life...

sup people

this is my first movellas so plz no hate . this story is partly my imagination and partly true. ask any questions and i will answer. hope u luv it. aghhh so much pressure. this is a Zayn fanfic but this is half before he got famous and half not. plz dont mind my spelling and grammer, i suck at that . now too much talk .. read comment and favourite.

love ya 



Sias pov-

hi... lets cut to the chase , my name is sia pronounced c ya ( dont tease me , ive had enough ).  i am your normal 18 yr old.

Oh who am i kidding i am totally abnormal , no not me but my fucked up life. i have been bullied ever since the day i started school , my mum and dad abandoned me when i was 16  on the street because they didnt want to see their only daughters hand full of blood and cuts every time she went out side. ( apparently its embarrassing ) cruel right. any way back  me now. i live in the garage of any apartment  untill im reported . ive never been kissed , i have a job working at the tooth paste factory , i have 1 pair of shoes  1 dress and 2 t shirts and all of the necessities. i sneak showers at work and get food from there. i have two friends sammy and johanna. you might think  why don't i bunk with them welll thats because i have never told them , i told them i still live with my parents , its soooo embarrassing and even though  they are my best friends i wont want them to go through seeing my depressed state, they are too good for that. so what keeps me happy? a memory keeps  me happy , a memory of a boy . a boy with jet black hair , eyes the prettiest brown , the kind of eyes that you think you are looking in it for a second and it happens to be for  an hour. this boy has kept my alive through my child hood and i guess now. i  remember the last day of primary school there were crowding around him ( did i mention he is the most popular person in school) the girls acting like sluts and guys just laughing  but he was frantically  looking around he came across me and stopped , i blushed and he waved , then the bell rang. as i was getting up i got kicked and punched for looking at him wow. thats the last time i was in the same room as him.But it doesnt stop there , he came on the same bus stop as me and every day i looked at me he looked at me but he did nothing but just smile . as the years grew he got more sadder at he came , i thought it was me and sure enough it was. on a Wednesday morning he was wasn't there and never again showed up  that is when i let go of the rope , i turned depressed started cutting and fucking up. 

oh shit im late for work...

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