Dancin' Til We See The Sun

Mandie, a dancer from America, is just trying to find some work for her feet. But when she falls in love with a member of the band she's trying to work for, things could be really good, or really bad.


1. 35,000 Feet


Mandie's P.O.V.   I sat in my seat on the airplane, and sighed. The plane was cold, I was incapable of sleeping, and I couldn't get out my Kindle without making noise and waking the other passengers. I was stuck listening to my own thoughts. I saw Cloe, my agents daughter, climb out of her seat, and walk across the aisle to me. She climbed onto my lap.         "What's wrong Cloe?" I asked, holding the six year old.         "Mandie, I need to go potty and can't wake mommy up, otherwise she gets mad," said the tired little girl. I carried her to the restroom, and waited outside for her. A brown haired boy with a buzz cut walked up next to me as Cloe was coming out.         "Cloe, did you wash your hands?" I asked. She turned around and went back in. "Sorry. Can't get too mad at a six year old."          "Can't blame you. I'm Liam," he said in a British accent.         "I'm Mandie," I said smiling. Cloe walked out of the restroom.         "Are you happy now?" she said, wiping her wet hand on my pant legs. Liam cracked up laughing, and Cloe's attention was drawn to him.         "Hi! I'm Cloe Green and I'm six years old," she said looking up at him. He crouched down to her eye level.         "Hello Cloe, I'm Liam," he said.         "Hi Liam," she said giggling. Liam and I started laughing at this.         "Come on Cloe, let's go back to your mommy," I said.         "Fine. By Liam!" She said, giving him a hug.         "Bye Cloe. Bye Mandie," he said looking in my eyes. The image of his brown eyes were stuck in my head.   Liam's P.O.V.           I shook my best friend and band mate Niall, trying to rustle him. "Niall! Wake up! It's an emergency!" I said. His eyes opened, and he sat straight up.         "What's happening?! Who's hurt?" he asked, looking around.         "Nothing, I just have a question. Kind of a problem," I said. He sat up next to me.         "What's wrong Liam?" he asked, looking concerned. Niall was a carefree Irish lad, who loved to laugh. He was a caring person, and I was glad to have him as a friend.         "Do you really believe it's possible to fall in love with someone just by looking in their eyes?" I asked. His expression changed.         "Well yeah... but, um... who, and when... seriously?" he said. I nodded. We noticed Harry's curly brown hair poke over the seat.         "What's going on?" he asked sleepily. He yawned deeply and looked between Liam and I.         "Liam may have just fell in love with a girl he just met. And I believe him," Niall said. I fell back into my seat.         "Really? Well what do you know about her?" Harry asked.         "I only know her name. But I looked into her eyes and something just- it felt like I was disconnected from the world, but was connected to her. I can't explain it," I said. Harry and Niall exchanged a look. I felt like they were having a whole conversation in those two seconds.         "What color are her eyes?" Harry asked me.         "A deep chocolate brown, but there was green in them too. But they weren't hazel. They were... beautiful," I said.         "You've got it bad. We need to get you two are around each other. I need to see this," Harry said. He was the flirt of the band, but he wasn't a player. He had a few girlfriends before and knew how to treat them. I felt like with Niall and Harry's help, I might have a chance with Mandie.         "Just try and go to sleep. We'll figure something out tomorrow," Niall told me, laying back in his seat.         "Goodnight," Harry said, disappearing behind his seat.         "Thanks guys. Goodnight," I said. I tried to fall asleep, but I could only think about Mandie.   Mandie's P.O.V.           I sat with Cloe on my lap, trying to watch Finding Nemo, but she kept asking me about Liam. I made it too obvious that I had fell in love with him. His eyes were such a gorgeous, rich brown, like chocolate.         "Do you think he was cute?" Cloe asked me with her big blue eyes.         "Yes Cloe, I did," I said.         "Do you like Liam?" she asked.         "Yes Cloe. Can you watch the movie now?" I asked. She shook her head vigorously. Her mom and I started laughing.         "I'm sorry about this. She's quite the determined little girl," said her mom, Janelle. I looked down at the girl in my lap. She was adorable, with big blue eyes and long brown hair. Cloe looked up to me and I could tell I was a big influence on her. She wanted to be a dancer like I was, and I loved her like my own little sister. I never got to see Gabbi anymore. We argued a lot. By the time we started getting along, I had moved to California to start my career. I wish I could be there for her since she's in high school, but I can't, so I just try to be as good of an influence as I can for Cloe to make up for it.         "So would you marry Liam if he asked you?" she said, looking at me with her eyes. I looked at her.          "If I could I would. But Cloe, I doubt I'll ever see him again. Can you please stop and watch the movie with me?" I asked. She nodded and turned to face my Kindle. We were watching Marlin and Dory fight through the jellyfish when a boy with curly hair and green eyes walked up to our seat.         "Is one of you Cloe?" he asked, looking at me.         "I am! I am!" said the little cutie sitting in my lap.         "Could you come with me?" he said

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