Lincoln's Story

Lincoln's story. the other side


10. 10

Chapter 10

   “Jan pregnant?” Omg! Helen had just informed me of the situation. It was George’s even though he hadn’t sleep over here since that first time. Jan obviously under the circumstances had visited him instead.

    Steven told me Adam was not too pleased when he found out that Jan was pregnant. To my surprise it wasn’t because she was actually having a baby, but more that there would be a baby in the house disturbing him with its screaming and always wanting attention. The other down side he thought was Jan would expect him and Steven to look after the baby while she was working her shift.

   This made me laugh because I though it was a bit premature for him to worry about that as there was many months before a baby would physically appear.

   Helen, being of the old school, worried more that Jan was unwed. Even though I pointed out that nowadays couples didn’t worry about such things. She insisted it was up to me to force George to take responsibility for his actions and marry Jan, if only so that the baby when born would be legitimate.

    Thinking about this I had an idea that would solve everyone’s problem.

    Thankfully Jan already having a work permit and also being pregnant helped her to get permission from the special registry office to marry. However, by then she was showing signs of being pregnant. Therefore, although George’s Mother had wanted her son married in church with his bride dressed in white, she had agreed instead it should take place as a civil wedding in a registry office. After the wedding we celebrated it in the couple’s new home, which just happened to be our family’s old two bedroomed  flat.

   Steven’s really annoyed with me and Helen is taking his side. Naturally, I’m in the dog house for letting the newlyweds have our old flat. According to Helen I should have given it to Steven and Adam. To explain, I asked Helen if she was pleased that the couple were now married. She answered, “Don’t be daft, of course I am, but what has that got to do with you giving them our old flat?” Suddenly the penny dropped and she declared aloud as though talking to herself, “So that’s why they agreed to get married instead of just living together.” Then turning to me she said, “You clever thing,” and smiled. Subsequently she has spoken to Steven and everything is good between us once again.


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