Two Girls and A World Of Zombies

Ruby and Crystal are the best of friends when the unthinkable happens a zombie apocalypse. There friendship gets tested to the extreme, they meet people they can't trust and discover untold secrets.


1. The Outbreak


Chapter 1: The Outbreak


16th July 2012

Ruby Jones was in school in her last lesson maths she hated it even though she was quite smart, the only good thing about the lesson was her best friend Crystal was in her lesson to so they just chatted all the time. They say there the real blood brothers since their names are both pieces of jewellery which is the reason they became such good friends. However they aren't your usual type of teenagers they play video games, instead of dressing older then they should do, Hang out in their town Ashton, instead of going to peoples parties and not even knowing the person. Most people in there year thought they were geeks and weirdo’s but they didn't care. It was 3:00pm School had finished for the summer holidays most children would hang around in Ashton until the sun went down however Ruby and Crystal stayed behind in Art to finish off some work before it was the break. They stayed until 4:30pm luckily their work was finished and they could go home; they walked their usual route and bought sweets in the usual shop. They thought it was awesome that they lived right next door to each other so they got changed and met on the pavement outside their houses and talked about things.                                                                     

“Would be awesome if a zombie apocalypse happened “? Crystal Questioned              

“50/ 50 really” Crystal replied “Well killing zombies and stuff would be awesome and you know when you see them on games it looks amazing but in reality you will miss friends and family rely on finding food, shelter and weapons I guess I would be a massive weight on your shoulder to find the things you need to survive” Crystal Answered back.

Crystal looked deep in thought be also in sadness, they moved along to the park they spent at least an hour there and came back to their street and said goodbye but they spent most of the night on their consoles until one of them got tired.


Crystal was up early and woke Ruby up she had sent a message it said:                 

My Family are out today& tonight mum said you can sleep over”                                    

Ruby couldn't say no to a sleepover she took her things round to number 31 and knocked on the door, Crystal  answered the door, Ruby placed her things downstairs and again they spent most of the time on their video games it was 12:00pm, they had been left money to go get dinner and buy their tea, a microwavable burger. They headed down Ashton and arrived back at the house an hour later. They had bought sweets and drinks and their tea, they ate their dinner and had afters gingerbread men, by the time they had finished them was already 13:50pm they decided not to waste any time and headed back to the laptop and Xbox upstairs. They continued to stay up until about 23:00pm when both of them were really tired and they called it a day they put down their controllers and the laptop and went to sleep.


Ruby woke up to see a figure standing above her she jumped and hit her head on the desk she opened her eyes slowly and was dazed her head was swaying around she rubbed her eyes and stood up. Crystal was standing next to the window.  

“Crystal?”  Ruby asked with a puzzled face “What are you doing are you okay”.          

She didn't hesitate, she stood and glared out the window, and Ruby walked towards the left side of Crystal's face and turned towards the window.                                             

“It’s finally happened hasn't it” Crystal spoke with no emotions “A zombie apocalypse has happened it has actually happened, it must be a dream, surely?”      

She mumbled the same words under her breath at least 5 times. Ruby walked backwards and forwards in the room until her feet hurt. She sat on Crystal’s bed and placed her hands over her mouth and her hands were in a position of a prayer.

“ Let’s get changed and see if my family is still at home if not, we grab weapons and bags and food and  board up the house until we have a better solution” Ruby quickly said, it and almost looked as if she regretted the idea but it was all she had.

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