Anneliese Marie was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect(hole in her heart) at birth. Her life, for the past twenty years, has been fragile and hectic. Nothing ever certain, nothing ever concrete. Nothing ever secure. She lives with her sister, Felicity in a moderate London flat since her parents death four years prior at the age of sixteen. But she mostly finds herself in hospitals rather than home. One day, after being rolled into a recovery room after yet another surgery, Anne finds herself next to Liam Payne-a boy in the popular band One Direction. She also finds herself falling in love with him. But with her situation, could anything lasting and worthwhile ensue between the two?


1. Connections


“Your surgery went better than expected, but we’re going to keep you here for the next couple of days to monitor your progress.” I smiled groggily at the doctor, still too loopy from the anesthesia to form a coherent sentence.

It was my 3rd surgery in the last 6 months, but I still wasn’t used to being cut open so often.

While I'm grateful that I can get the help I need, a part of me resents the fact that I was born with this heart condition. Growing up I could never join sports teams or play outside with friends, and now that I'm an adult I spend most of my time in the hospital.

Feeling pretty sorry for myself, I glance over at the bed next to me and see a guy about my age sleeping.

He looks like a Sam, I think to myself, playing the all too familiar game I had invented: when recovering from surgery, I would keep myself distracted from the pain and boredom by imagining things about other patients.

He’s probably some famous rockstar who’s been hospitalized for “exhaustion.”

I laugh softly, my throat still sore from the breathing tube. What are the odds of that?

My eyes start to droop, drowsiness taking over, as more meds start to kick in. Two more doctors enter the room, speaking in hushed voices, looking over the boy’s charts.

I can barely make out the name “Liam” before I start to fall asleep.

Liam. That face and that name. They seem familiar. But before I can make the connection, I succumb to sleep.


This is the Liam Payne story I have been working on along with my others! :)  Please don't be shy tell me how you feel about it! It's short yes but I'm willing to update again if I get enough interest in it! :) Hope you enjoy it! 5 reviews and I'll update!

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