Because you live (a one direction fanfic)

On the run from her abusive father, Lilianna thought the only thing she had left to care about was protecting her little sister Bonnie. Little does she know, she's dead wrong.


1. Kids shouldn't play with guns

"That'll be 13.24 Hun." The cashier said in a soft voice. I handed her the money and the ID Marcus made for me and gingerly walked home, bottle in hand. It's freezing, I thought as I pulled down my sleeves, eyeing the bottle. I originally got it for Marcus, he's my older brother (I'm 18, he's 22). I rolled my eyes as I took a swig out of the bottle, I needed this just as much as he does, I thought as I took a couple more sips. When i got a little light-headed, I stopped. No. I will not do this. I refuse to end up like my mom. You see, my dad, he's not exactly a fun, loving, kind of man you'd call daddy. He's more of the ' he'll beat the crap out of you if you look at him funny' kind of dad. And one day, my dad abused my mom to the point that she gave up on us. On everything. Soon enough, she started drinking and smoking her brains out. And, well long story short, that came and bit her in the butt. She got in a car accident from drunk driving. And from that moment on, me and Marcus swore to never let alcohol consume us the way it consumed her, we still drank of course, but not let it control us. We both had something to live for, that something, is Bonnie. Our 9-year old sister. Sure, my dad can hit Marcus and I all he wants, but if he ever lay a finger on Bonnie..... Well, lets just say it won't end well. I finally walked up the steps to our house and the next few seconds went in a fast blur. I heard a loud gunshot and my instincts took over. I found myself leaping over Marcus, but it was too late. The bullet already hit him and he was gushing out blood. I then heard loud footsteps and a door slam... The front door. Wow, it's just like him to leave. I stood near Marcus's body and held his hand. " Lilly" he groaned. "Yes?" I asked, my eyes welling up with tears. "You gotta g-go." He stuttered. "Marc, I'm not leaving you here." I said, now sobbing. " for Bonnie. She needs a fresh start. Give her the life dad didn't, because he's obviously not coming back" he said, his face turning paler and paler by the second. "The mattress" he mumbled, his voice getting drowsy. Bonnie then walked in the door from school and her eyes went wide. "MARC!!!" She screamed in horror and rushed to Marcus. " love you Bon." Marcus mumbled his eyes slowly closing. When they closed, I ran to Bonnie's room and dragged her with me. I couldn't see him dead. It would kill me inside, seeing my big bro, the only one I looked up to, to be laying there, dead. I hurriedly grabbed Bonnie's suitcase and filled her clothes with it and then closed it. "D-dads not coming back, is he?" She asked. I Hadn't realized until now that she was quietly sobbing her eyes out. I sighed and then shook my head. " no, no he's not" I said hugging her. We stood there for what was five minutes but felt for hours, just sobbing into each others shoulders. Finally I had the strength to let go and run to his mattress. Whatever was in it, had to be important. I searched it and found no luck. I then lifted it and found a extremely large bag and a note taped to it. It read, "lily, if you're reading this, something's happened to me and you're left with the duty of taking care of Bonnie. I'm so sorry I had to leave you and Bon so quickly, but I guess the big guy up there wanted me to be with him sooner than I expected. In this bag is money I've saved up since graduation in case anything like this happened. It's 10,000 bucks so use it carefully. Please give Bonnie the life neither me or dad could. I love you both, forever. -Marcus willows " After reading it, I had to stop myself from crying again. I had to be strong for Bonnie. And For Marcus.
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