Starting Fresh

(Louis Tomlinson FanFic) Katie had a crappy life. Her parents passed away less than a month ago, her ex boyfriend wont stop bothering her, she is popular but she doesn't understand why. She think people feel pity for her. One day, as she is listening to the radio in her car, a song she never heard before comes on. She arrives at Starbucks while humming the song. Soon after sitting down, she hears a voice, "You like that song love?" She looks up into the most beautiful ocean blue eyes ever......


6. Strip Poker...

Louis POV

We drove to my flat in silence until Katie suddenly screamed. "OMG YOU GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!" "Sorry! I just realized that YOU are LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON from ONE DIRECTION!" "Haha I was wondering why you didnt fan girl at Starbucks." We arrived at my flat and I opened the car door for Katie and she blushed a pink color. I opened the door to my flat and screamed "I'M HOME AND BROUGHT DINNER!"  Katie looked at me like I was a maniac. I whispered "Dont worry babe I'm jut going to make the boys overly excited." I winked at her.

Katie POV

All of the sudden I am standing in front of One Direction and smiling ear to ear. "Hi I'M KATIE STANLEY AND IM OVERLY HAPPY SOMETIMES!!" The boys laughed and pulled me in for individual hugs. When I hugged Harry, he held on to me for a tad bit too long. I swear Louis had a death glance at Harry. If looks could kill, Harry would be 6 feet under. "WHERES DINNER?????" "Mate I was just getting you excited for no reason. I wanted you to come down fast." "I HATE YOU TOMMO!" I just stood there and laughed. "You guys are funnier in person. Now can we play poker??? Im so bored" "I LOVE THIS GIRL!" They said in unison. They brought the card down and they smiled evilly. "What?" "How bout we play strip poker?" Zayn winked. "I have a damn fit body. I dont mind showing it off but not like you are gonna see anything. I never lose." "Ehh cocky huh?" Louis says. "Your on Tommo."

30 mins later.....

I am in my bra and underwear and all the boys except Louis are naked.... Louis his superman boxers on and I have  my black lace underwear on. "Shit! I lose.... I have a empty hand. Louis says. "HAHA!" I start jumping around and I could feel the boys eyes burning holes in my bra. I swear they were undressing me mentally.. I quickly stopped and said"BED TIME". The boys whined in unison and Daddy Directioner quickly shooed them. "Come on Katie. You can sleep in my bed and I'll sleep on the floor." "Umm thanks but its okay. I'll sleep on the floor." We walk to his room and I start putting blankets on the floor. I suddenly feel a pair of arms around me and carry me to the bed. "Lou stop it! Im sleeping on the floor!" "Too bad!" He plops me on the bed and he army crawls to the blankets on the floor. I swear he has a maturity of a monkey. I laugh and close my eyes and suddenly drift into sleep and mumble "Good night Lou Lou"

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