Starting Fresh

(Louis Tomlinson FanFic) Katie had a crappy life. Her parents passed away less than a month ago, her ex boyfriend wont stop bothering her, she is popular but she doesn't understand why. She think people feel pity for her. One day, as she is listening to the radio in her car, a song she never heard before comes on. She arrives at Starbucks while humming the song. Soon after sitting down, she hears a voice, "You like that song love?" She looks up into the most beautiful ocean blue eyes ever......


1. Description

Name: Katie Stanley

DOB: Feb 25

Age: 20

Likes: BOYS ;)

Dislikes: People who are too shy and cant understand "alone time"

Description: Hey everyone!!!! My name is Katie and ya. I had a crappy life. (explains it all in description.) I live in my own flat and its really cozy... Basically a nice way of saying its WAYYYYYYYY too small. :(  I had a brother but he lost his life in the Iraq war. My ex boyfriend, Alex, will not leave me alone!!!!! He even broke into my house once!! Crazy dick head..  I like One Direction. I`m not one of those crazy freak girls who call their names and rip them apart every single time they see them. I am a girl who find the carrot boy super hot and like their songs.



A/N: Enjoy Reading everyone!!!!!

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