Lost and Found

Kara has a very rough life. She is abused by her step father. One day at school she sees a group of girls around 5 boys. She rans over to them and helps them. Will she find she fall in love with one of the boys?


1. 1.) chapter 1

Kara's pov~
"KARA GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE! I NEED MY FOOD!" Chris yelled. I woke up and got dressed as fast as I can and went down stairs. I started making breakfast for my step dad. I made him eggs, toast, and some pancakes. I asked him" what kind of eggs do u want sir?" he replied" just get me eggs and hurry!" I sighed and brought him, his breakfast. I took a shower really fast so I won't be late for school. I picked out my favorite shirt. It was a white blouse that was ruffled and I got my blue skinny jeans on. I graded my lunch and a apple from the fridge and ran out the door before I heard anything else from Chris. I texted Alexis to pick me up on my corner. She said ok. I saw like 5 mins after I asked her. She asked me if it was the same as always with my step dad. I sighed and said yes. We drove in silence all the way to hayley's house to pick her up. I texted her to tell we are here.
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