Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


1. Chapter 1

jasmine's point if view "Hello" a tired voice said. "Hey Vici!!Guess what?!" I practectly scream into the phone. "What Is it and it better be good!! It's 5:00 in the morning!!" "I know I'm sorry but.... I got us One Direction tickets in LA!!!!!!!" This is a lot of screaming for 5 in the morning."WhT? How?when? Why? Nevermind that but how are we goig to get there?!" "My mom got us flights out there and we leave today at noon so get your lazy ass and pack!" I felt bad for letti g her know so late but I wanted it to be a surprise. She has been my bestfriend since....1st grade! " shit ok thanks babe!! Pick me up in 45?" yes we have a weird relationship that involves calling each other cute little nicknames !! "ok see ya then!!" I quickly hung up. OMG! I still couldn't believe it! Staying in LA for 3 whole weeks! I was a fan but nit as much as vici. I just liked their music and knew who they were:) I hurried to finalize my packed bags. I grabbed my keys and headed to my 2012 Camaro. Call me spoiled but I just think my mom loves me;) I soon pulled up to her house. Before I could open the car door she came outside screaming. "Jaz!! I'm in love with you right now!! Ahhh I can't believe were going!!!" she said as she spun me around in circles. "wait... So you weren't in love with me before?" I ask fake pouting. "I'm afraid not butter cup. But I am now!! That's all that matters right?" she says tryin to keep a straight face. "ok but only for you pumpkin pie;)" we laugh hysterically and get in my awesome car. We drove around for a couple of hours enjoying our last minutes of Texas. "flight 503 to LA is boarding now. " the lady on the intercom said before we knew it. We silently screamed (if that's possible) as we waited in line. The plane ride there consisted of laughing annoying other people sleeping and just about anything! Finally we landed and rented a 2012 mustang that my mom had paid for. We quickly got to our hotel. "wow" we both said under our breath. This hotel looked more like..... Idk a fancy really big hotel!!! We got the top floor room which had an amazing view! "I wish we never had to leave!" vici says as she plops down on her bed ready for a nap. "I know right... Anyways ima get ready then head tothe store to buy all the crap we need k?" But all i got as a response wad a snore. I jumoed in the shower and put on some jean short shorts with a uk flagrante crop top with my sparkly Nike high tops. Once I loomed at myself in the full lenghr mirror I nodded and headed out. There was a huge crowed outside. I wonder why? I decided to take the back elevators to avoid all the screaming girls. Just as the doors were about to close, a cute Irish accent sad," wait!" I pushed the open door button to let the person in. But it wasn't just a person it was five incredibly hot persons! "thank you" Liam said! Yeas they were one direction! "no problem!" what floor? I ask. The bottom we wanna get out of here!" Zayn said. "I pushed the bottom floor when all of a sudden the elevator lights flickered and the while thing was shaking for about 5 minutes. This whole thing was so scary that I kinda yelp. Someone smiled their arm around me. I don't know who it was but I felt safe in their arms. Finally the shaking and the flickering stoped. It was pitched black. Now I'm stuck in an elevator for who knows who long with the mist attractive boys on Earth!

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