The dog loving ghost

It's about a lonley girl called lilly asks her parents if she can have a sister. They adopt a little girl called amelia and buy her a dog as a welcoming home present. Lilly isnt very happy about that. In the night she accidently pushes amelia down the stairs and kills her. The next month lilly's parents adopt another little girl called olivia. lilly's parents keep lilly away from olivia and once again buy olivia a dog. in the night lilly sees olivia on the landing and lilly kets the shock of her life!!


1. The dog loving ghost

My swapit name is awe5ome!

Once there was a very lonely girl called lilly. one day lilly asked her parents to adopt her a sister. The next day lilly's parents came home with a little girl called amelia.

" To welcome you to our home ,amelia, we are giving you a dog. now you arent the only new one in this house!"said lilly's mum.

Amelia grinned. Lilly frowned angrily. Lilly always begged her parents for a dog and all this girl has to do is arrive and viola she gets a dog. Lilly wasn't happy at all. That night lilly was sulking in her room when all of a sudden she heard creaking out the door. She peeped out the door to see amelia at the top of the stairs cuddling her new dog. Lilly went out her room and said to amelia,

"i hate you. I have always wanted a dog and all you have to do is show your stupid little face and my parents instantly love you and buy you something I've wanted for years" and then snatched the dlog out of her hands. Amelia screamed and fell down the stairs, banged her head and died. Lilly got into heaps of trouble.

A year later, Lilly's parents adopted a new little girl called Olivia. Once again lilly's parents bought olivia a puppy but lilly didnt complain. Lilly was about to turn her light of in her room when she heard a creak on the landing again. She peeped  her head round the door to see Olivia cuddling her dog. Lilly approached olivia and when olivia saw lilly she turned away and said

"your not going to push me down the stairs and kill me again are you?" and she walked off into her room.

Lilly stood, frozen on the landing. she followed olivia into her room. when she opened the door and looked inside, the room was bare. Olivia had gone and the puppy wasnt there. Behind lilly, her mum and dad stood behind her

"I know lilly. I know you miss amelia but come on now. Go to bed." said lilly's mum.

Suddenly lilly heard a scream. the same scream lilly had heard when amelia fell down the stairs. Then all lilly saw was black.

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