Hallows Eve

A poem about Karma taking its toll on people who deserve it.
For the Halloween competition.


1. Hallows Eve


The girl was beautiful
like a forest fire.
Admired from a distance
Not up close.

A laughter so cold and hard.
Unforgiving. Hating. Taunting.
In the darkness it hides.
Never showing the face of evil

The body, red as hate.
Scouting. Planning. Penetrating.
Calculating how to slay her
Slowly and painfully

In its grasp she is.
Taken. Stolen. Controlled.
She cannot escape
The wall of flames holds her

Attempting to flee, it keeps her.
Fire. Heat. Hell.
The smoke sticks in her throat
She sees nothing but black and red

The monster now stares at her
Leaning. Watching. Examining.
The laughter is back, as it smiles.
Picking her up, it leaves.

The veil of darkness owns her.
Imprisoned. Confined. Kept.
Her eyes close peacefully
as Death carries her away.

A girl died on Hallows Eve
Tragically. Disastrous. Killed.
Fire licked her body
and away her soul flew.

Karma took its toll.
Fair. Hard. Reasonable.
Taking lives that ruined others.
Saving the world from pain.

That girl was a devil hidden in disguise.


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