My alternate life with MCR...

I have a friend, well, I did, once, and her dad bought some really weird stuff. Although neither of us ever counted on him buying a time-machine. I was your average 13 year old girl in 2012, living a fairly average life as one of the school 'emos' just because of the music I listened to, that music is My Chemical Romance, otherwise known as rock. I was, now, well, I went back to 1990 with a friend, to meet My Chemical Romance, to live in thier world, to influence thier lives.


2. Getting sorted and running into our idols.

When my vision came back into focus, we were in the middle of a park, hopefully in Belleville. "Okay guys, call me on the bracelets if you need picking up! I'm going to 1984!" Alice announced before disappearing into nothingness. We had prepared for this by getting ourselves fake ID's and a place to stay by letting Alice find Mikey and Gee and moving us in next door, she had told us the directions, given us money, our fake ID's and a bit of other stuff in our backpacks that we might need, she had also taken all of our MCR stuff off us, apart from my 'Aftermath Bracelet' and Jodie's 'Demolition Lovers' converse. Jodie had changed her name to Lucia so I was gonna have to call her Luce and I had changed my name to Onyx, along with dying my hair black to match my fake name, Jodie had decided that she was gonna call me Nyx from now on and we were just discussing a few things about our new lives, we were now apparently twins and we got to decide on our birthday, after a little arguing and my glasses almost getting smashed, we decided that our 'birthday' was on 14th May 1978, a random date that I had picked and Jodie had just agreed to. We were walking through the park and I wasn't really looking where I was going when I tripped over something, I let out a small yelp just before I hit the floor, I lay sprawled on the floor for a moment, looking like a complete idiot, when I did try to get up though, I found that Luce was sitting on my foot which was preventing me from getting up. "Is the floor comfy Nyx? Sure hope so cuz you're gonna be staying there for a bit." she taunted, grinning at me. "Aww, come on Luce, get off my foot, we've gotta get to our new place A.S.A.P." I whined, attempting to get her off of my leg. "If I let you go now, can I tackle you later?" she asked and I mentally facepalmed before replying "Fine then, get me later but please can we just get a move on? My glasses are all wonky." I complained. She got off my leg and I picked myself up off the ground and fixed my glasses.

We managed to get to our new family in 30mins, we had been adopted by a couple who couldn't have children of thier own. They had managed to get us places in a nearby school which we would be starting in a week. As we walked into the front yard, a boy who looked about a year younger than us waved at us from his front yard next door all too enthusiastically, he walked over to the fence and waved again, he had dark brown hair which fell in his face slightly, warm hazel eyes, fairly pale skin and round-rimmed glasses "Hey, are you Onyx and Lucia?" he asked, smiling at us. "Yeah, I'm Onyx, most people call me Nyx though." I said, brushing an annoying piece of hair out of my face and smiling back at him just to be nice. "Yeah, I'm Luce and we really gotta go before Nyx damadges something." she said with a grin as she started dragging me towards our new home. "I'm Mikey by the way, nice meeting you." he shouted after us before walking away from the fence.

We were greeted with smiles, welcomes and cookies. Everything's good so far. We unpacked the little stuff we had and surveyed our room, we got the slightly cramped attic space with a bookshelf, a desk, a bunk bed, a small window and an only half working flickery light, overall it wasn't too bad, better than nothing. I soon set up a little drawing station on the desk and put a few books on the bookshelf, for the first time I felt a little nervous, what if they aren't like what we think, what if we get stuck here? or they end up hating us somehow? I just had to let those thoughts pass and not worry, we were gonna try and influence My Chemical Romance's lives, piece of cake. Not.

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