Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction ( written by : me)

Louis Tomlinson imagine i wrote


1. My Everything<3 (Louis Tomlinson imagine)

ne Direction Imagine :) ;* Louis
Hey Love!, Louis Says To You In A Nice Voice.
Hey Babe!  You Say To Him So Happy And Excited
Today`s a very special day , Louis Says Excitedly Tickeling You
You Laugh And Scream STOP IT! Laughing So Hard You Cant Breath!
He Finally Stops And Says Well Today is Your Birthday So Lets Go Do Some Stuff! FUN STUFF! He says as he winks at you ;)
Can The Boys Come ? He Asked Giving You The Puppy Face  :{
Okay Yeah Sure The More The Better! You Say Happily
He Smiles:) :D
The Boys Come Ten Minutes Later . Zayn Walks In Screaming VASS HAPENIN!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
You Laugh Then Sit Down Severing Yorkshire Tea.
 After Tea You and The Guys Hop Into The Limo And wait for Louis To Come Out The House
 When He Comes out With A Duffle Bag  Full Of 5 Smimming Trunks And Your 1D Bikini.
After The 30 Minute car ride laughing and talking and telling stories , You Arrive at a huge waterpark . You See The Sign
Six Flags Great Adventure , But You Notice Nobody Is There . Guys There Is Nobody There .
Yeah He Bought Out The Whole Park  So It Could Just Be Us :) Says Liam And Harry.
So We Could Chill And Just us 6 Niall Says . Louis Hops Out The Limo Scream WHOOOOO!!!!
The Boys Go Get Dressed In The Restroom And Louis And You Get Dressed in The Car Why The Driver Sits behind The Car.
After Everbody is dressed you walk to the huge Toilet Bowl Water Slide Ride .
It is so cool not having to wait on a gigantic line!
You And Louis Went First As You Turn  And Laugh You Come Out The Last Slide Down Kisses Each other .
Then Niall And Zayn Came Down Screaming VAS HAPENIN!!!!!!!!!!!Then Harry and Liam Went Coming down screaming
After Hours At The Water / Amusment Park You Go To The Beach By The Pool ,
You Swam With louis And You Played Chicken with the boys .
Lou I Had Such A GREAT Time . I Love you so much as you lay down to tan louis and the boys come up behind you
singing Gotta Be You . Then Louis Get On One Knee And Pulls Out A Red Vevlet Box , And Opens It And Says:
Baby Your Are My Everything , And Would You be mine forever? When i layed eyes on you i fell in love
.. So Here Comes It ... Baby Will You Marry me And Make The Happiest Ever ?
 Your Eyes Tear Up And You Say Yes . He Picks You Up And Spins You And Puts The Beautiful diamond ring on your finger
He Kisses You And You And The Guys Group Hug.
Guys Thank You So Much This Was The Best Birthday Ever!
The Day Ends With A Big Slumber Part At You And Louis`s House With The Guys .
Written By : Adrianna

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