Set Fire To The Rain

Hannah and Louis have been insepreable since the start; but after Hannah has a miscarriage with their first baby girl, they are closer than ever. As a new married couple with ups and downs of their relationship-they learn the do's and don'ts of marriage.

**Hello, loves! This is my third Movellas (check out my first-Let Me Love You- And my second- Another Time Together=Love Forever<3). They are all based on One Directon of course! Become a fan, like, and favorite my Movellas! -Bryana McKenzie Payne xoxo


1. Set Fire To The Rain.

"We need to get the doctor in here NOW!" was the last thing Hannah heard before she passed out on the hospital bed. Bryana had come with her for a regular ultrasound to check on the baby.

Hannah got up to go to the bathroom.

As soon as she locked to door, she felt a sharp pain in her lower stomach and blood rushed out from her dress. She immediately started loosing conciousness but hit the alert button in enough time.

The doctors came rushing over, along with a crying Bryana. The nurses rushed her down the hall on a gurney. They did a couple tests and eventually Hannah came to. The doctor entered the room with a sad look upon his face and the results.

 "I am going to cut to the chase. You had a miscarriage Hannah. I'm sincerely sorry." he said. Bryana was crying, but Hannah did no seem to understand.

"I will leave you two alone. Would you mind explaining, miss?" he says. Bryana shakes her head and the doctor leaves the room.

"I do not understand Bryana." Hannah starts. "You had a miscarriage Hannah. The baby died." Bryana replies silently. Hannah's face is blank, but she now understands.

"Oh, okay. You should go home Bryana." Hannah replies silently while slowly lettting tears fall. "No Hannah, I am not leaving you alone. You have to stay the night here and then they said you can go home." B replies.

"I will call Louis and tell him, it is okay. Go home, you need the rest." Hannah counters and Bryana gathers her bag and leaves.

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