Forever Alone

Eclipse cannot find a place where she belongs. No-one seems to want her and no-one seems to need her in their life. Will Eclipse ever find a place where she is truly needed?


1. Texas

I stared up at the sky. It was so blue and so bright after months in darkness. My mother was standing over me, she looked down into my eyes and leaned down to snuffle at my mane. I shook my head and heaved myself up onto my weak legs. They began to shake and I looked down at them in surprise. I heard a couple of faint whinnies and tilted my head up to see that I had an audience. Several other horses were stood around me and my mother in a circle. I shied backwards into my mothers side and more giggle-type whinnies responded. I felt a little more steady on my feet so I cantered out of the circle and up a little hill. Once I got to the top, I looked around, wondering what this place had in store for me.


I was grazing up on top of the small hill that had first shown me the world, when I heard a thundering of a large group of horses in the distance. I tipped my head to the side, I wasn't aware that there were other horses in this area. I looked back at my mother who was also listening at the bottom of the hill. She straightened her head to look at me and then shook it gently by means that she didn't know who it was. I turned back towards the view of the fields and suddenly saw them. They were galloping towards us, and I knew the herd needed warning. I cantered down the hill and round in a sharp turn, heading towards the strange horses. I heard other whinnies and snorts behind me trying to stop me. I ignored them and galloped away from my family. I was nearly there but I didn't see the pair of ridden horses that came out from behind the rocks. I was about to attack but darkness swallowed me up before I had the chance.


Dust swirled around in heavy orange clouds and birds swept this way and that, obscuring my view of the blue sky. Whinnies and snorts filled the air, confirming that I was in a ranch of some sort. I knew horses never lasted very long here so I struggled with the ropes binding me to four wooden posts. The ropes were weak and they soon gave with a snap and a little cloud of dust.

I shook my head and tried to act natural before I bolted out of the posts and cantered towards the wooden gates. The gates were conveniently open so I darted through before anyone realized I had gone. I was galloping to my freedom when more ropes flew round my neck and dragged me away. I noticed that it wasn't back to the ranch, but in the direction of the machine station.

A great iron beast was stood puffing smoke and wheezing weak whistles every now and then. I detested this place as this is where horses are taken away from Texas and to new places. However, I was dragged onto the machine before I could even try to protest.

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