The Water

"I gasped in horror at the blood shot eyes staring up at me. I couldn't move, I couldn't run i was transfixed."

Ella is a middle aged women living in a perfectly normal house with some spooky goings on. Words, hands, faces. She doesnt know what is hapening to her.


1. Today Is The Day.

Today is the day! Iv'e been crossing off the days for months now, I'm finally going to get my perfect house and it's only down the alleyway so I'm in perfct touching distance of my familly.

My room was full of card board boxes bursting full of stuff that I was taking to the new house and I've aleady started moving in!

I started up the car and drove down the alleyway to my new house it had always seemed so perfect but today there was an eerie sense about it, but I couldn't quite lay my finger on it, may be it was the number, may be it was the ivy sprawling across the house or may be it was the Steel gate that despretly needed a new coating of paint. Oh well I left that thought at the back of my mind and pushed open the steel gate leading to 13 caverton street. I sighed a beath of happiness and twisted and turned the key in the lock of the door.

I pushed it open and was stairing at the hall way of my home, it was so big I didnt know where to go first i decided to start at the kitchen. I struggled my way weeving in and out of all of the boxes, unpacking as I go, it took almost an hour to get my kitchen perfect how I like it.

Then I went up to my bedroom at went through the same procedure this time it took about an hour and a half!


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