Meet the Winchesters

This is for all you Supernatural fans out there! It is every supernatural fangirl's dream to meet the hunky Winchester brothers-follow the story of these two hunters with a special twist! They meet a new huntress with a questionable past and discover the emotional side of the holy-water throwing, Latin-chanting brothers. It's an emotional treat for every fangirl! hope y'all enjoy it!
P.S. Please do comment and let me know what to change/what to keep up. I'd really appreciate it :)


1. The Little Murdur-maid 1

Diana Simmons leafed through the Berkshire Times, concentrating on local obituaries and death notices. Her cappuccino was gripped tightly in her right hand-that was her. Always alert. Even with eyes glued to the headlines, she could have rattled off the descriptions of the five customers who had come through the diner door in the past twelve minutes. Though she had no particular interest in either the newbie high school couple who had found a booth behind her to mate or the haggard fifty-year old man at the counter, seemingly stuck in a dead end job with no family to name (there was a reason why he was eating in a greasy diner all alone on a Saturday night), Diana could  not help but notice the world around her-moreover regard it with suspicion and distrust.

"Local Girl Drowns in Lenox Lake-Authorities Baffled by Third drowning in One Week"

Diana felt a rush as her eye caught the headline and she skimmed through the story.
"Weekend work-great," she muttered to herself, jamming the newspaper in her backpack as she slipped out of the noisy diner and into the quiet evening outside.


Crimson maple tree leaves crunched under her heavy boots as she strode purposefully down the street. Diana double-checked the address she had conned out of the sheriff's intern. True to the nervous testament of the flirty intern, there it was. House 68-a typical red-brick townhouse bordered by bare maple trees and a child's broken bicycle. 

Diana straightened her uniform and walked up the steps, cautiously ringing the bell.

"How may I help you?" a middle-aged woman with puffy eyes and a red nose opened the door, sniffling into a checkered handkerchief.

Diana was unperturbed.

"Mrs. James?" she asked in an authoritative tone, not hesitating in the least when flashing a fake sheriff's badge, "I'm Sheriff Collins-I have some questions to ask about your daughter's disappearance?"

The woman groaned, "I just talked to the FBI agents-please I do not have time for this right now."

She began closing the door when Diana pushed her foot forward,

"Ma'am, I'm with the sheriff's department-I know this is a difficult time but we really need your cooperation."

Diana shot her a warning look mixed with a hint of compassion in her voice. It always worked.

"Please come in," Mrs. James sighed, ushering in the relieved Diana.



"Rebecca practically grew up in that lake," Mrs. James sniffed, "I cannot accept that she would just drown like that! I mean she was a medalist swimmer-h-h-how could she just disappear in a stagnant lake?"

"I see," Diana nodded, willing her to get to the point, "Did Rebecca know the other two who drowned...ummm...Celia Mills and Rita Gomez?"

The heartbroken mother shook her head,

"No-no I don't think I've ever heard their names."

"Right, well thank you for your time Mrs. James," Diana stood up, "We appreciate your help-the department will be in contact with you if anything crops up."

Diana was almost down the steps when she remembered something,

"Mrs. James," she called before the woman closed the door, "Did you notice anything strange about Rebecca's behaviour before she...?"

"What do you mean? Are you saying she intentionally-"

"No no-I just have to cover everything-" Diana continued, trying to calm down the agitated mother, "Anything weird about her?"

"Well..." Mrs. James began slowly, "She did seem edgier than usual but I figured she was nervous about the upcoming school swimming compet-"

But before she could complete, Diana had already rushed off and had disappeared into the night.



Set in the cradle of a valley, surrounded by magnificent mountains, Lake Lenox would have been quite the tourist spot had it not been for the yellow crime-scene tapes running around the perimeter.

Diana pulled her jacket close against the cool of the night and ducked underneath the tape-this was no felony compared to the other crimes she had committed.

There wasn't the slightest sound around her-not even the chirping of crickets. It was deathly quiet, and the ominous darkness was broken only by the moon shimmering eerily over the lake. Careful on the slippery mud, Diana went up to the very edge of the lake and knelt down. She could see what Mrs. James meant when she talked about a stagnant lake-it might as well have been a painting. 

She kept an eye on the horizon, looking for any movement, her hand gripping the revolver lodged in her back pocket. Her senses had a heightened sense of alertness and she could practically feel the adrenaline boiling inside her.

A crack of a twig ripped through the silence and Diana jumped, turning around, her revolver pointed at anything that dared to move in the black marshes. She inched forward, away from the lake, her gun pointed-steady. 

Five seconds of being completely statuesque passed, after which Diana finally put her revolver down. She breathed-shaking her head in bordering amusement. It must have been an animal.

She turned back to the job at hand.

And it was then that a creature pounced on her, knocking her to the ground.


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