The New Girl: A One Direction Love Story

Savannah Jones is transfered to a new private school, on the last day of her first week she meets Harry. He is the hottest and most popular person in their school so when Savannah and Harry become close friends and maybe something more, will hearts break or collide. Will it be a choice that changes them both forever? Read to find out..Thanks :)


1. Meeting Harry

108, 109, 110

‘Ugh where is this stupid room’ Savannah O’Neill thought as she checked the black room numbers while walking down the hall of her new private school. She checked her schedule for what felt like the 100th time.

Room 128: Library

Savannah’s anger rose up like a water tide. She had been at this fancy private school for a week; she should know where her classes are.

“Okay calm down Savannah it’s probably just in the other direction” She muttered to herself. She shifted her two heavy binders to her non-numb arm and turned 180 degrees. WHAM! Savannah smacked herself into something hard. She toppled to the ground; binders and all.

“Hey watch wh-” Savannah trailed off. Above her was the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen. He had very curly brown hair, green eyes and tan skin. He was wearing bash skinny jeans, a blue t-shirt and grey skateboard shoes. Savannah's mouth was gaped open for a few seconds until she realized she must look like an idiot so she shut her mouth.

“I mean sor-ry my fault” Savannah stammered.

“No it’s my fault… here” The stranger said as he extended his tanned hand. She grabbed it and he lifted her up to her feet. Savannah dusted off her white ripped skinny jeans.

“I saw you looking for something. Are you lost?” He asked.

“Yeah I’m looking for room 128, do you know where it is?” Savannah replied. ‘Of course he knows where it is, he goes to this school. Then how come you haven’t seen him this week? Savannah argued with herself.

“It’s down this hall and on the left” He pointed in that direction. Savannah gave him a weak smile. “Unless you want me to walk with you?” He said hastily but you could tell he didn't want to.

“Um, you know what I’m good” Savannah snapped. This guy had just pushed her on the floor and he doesn’t even have the decency to walk Savannah to her class; no matter how hot he is. Savannah wiped her pants off for the third time and started walking in the direction he pointed to.

“Wait” The direction pointing guy jogged up to Savannah; his curls bouncing. “Sorry I’m being rude I’m Harry” Harry stuck his hand out as a gesture.

“Savannah” She took his gesture but dropped her hand instantly afterwards. 

“So is it your first day here?” He asked as they were walking down the hall to the library.

“No it’s my fifth” Savannah admitted.

“One week here and you’re not dead, wow surprising!” By the confused look on Savannah’s face made Harry start laughing. “I’m just kidding. The teachers can be pretty hard here so a while ago some people made up that line for all new students. You just got it and I got the same line 3 years ago”

“You were new?” Savannah wasn’t sure why she was so surprised.

“Yeah I transferred from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire to Toronto because of my step-dad’s job"

“What does your step-dad do?”

“At Holmes Chapel he was a famous building engineer and in Toronto he still is" 

“Really! My dad is a computer designer. Sounds pretty lame compared to your dad’s job”

“Honestly I’d switch any day because whenever I’m out with him he gets about a million people to sign something! It gets really annoying after a while! I didn't think he was that famous!” He sounded a little annoyed but after he flashed a set of perfect white teeth in Savannah's direction.

“That would get annoying yes but you also have a hundred girls probably dropping to your feet” Savannah said accidently thinking about how hot Harry was.

“What?” He asked.

“Nothing” She replied quickly changing the subject. “Do you have to drop something off or something?” Savannah referred to the stacks of paper in his hand. 

"Yes I was about to drop off these papers but you needed help to the library so I decided just to drop these off later”

“Oh you didn’t have to do that. If you had told me that earlier I would have let you go”

“It’s alright because you have arrived at your destination”

“Thank you my GPS Harry”

“You’re welcome ma’am” They both snorted in unison.

“I guess I’ll see you later then” Savannah said sadly.

“I’ll see you in about 5 minutes. I’m in the library too… save me a seat”

Then he was gone. Mystified Savannah glided in a daze to an empty seat in the computer section of the spacious library. She slid into a seat next to her new friend Amber Smith that she had met on her first day.

“What took you so long?” She asked looking up from her computer. Amber was really short only 5” 0’, with ocean blue eyes, short blond bob and tan skin.

“I got lost” Savannah exclaimed. The librarian shushed her while giving her a dirty look.

“Ok calm down. So I saw you talking with Harry” Amber giggled. “He’s like the most hottest and popular guy in the school!” She whispered as Savannah logged in to the computer.

“He said to save him a seat… Is that a good thing then?” Savannah asked ignoring the last comment Amber had said. Amber gasped really loud.

“Is that a good thing? Is that a good thing? UM… YES!!” She exclaimed loudly. The librarian gave Savannah another dirty look from her front desk even though she didn’t even say anything. Savannah didn’t like her very much. Savannah quickly scanned the room; there were no other open seats available.

“I’ll just go tell the teacher that there are no more seats and I will just have to go to another room” Amber stated getting up and logging off.

“No don’t do that” Savannah said pushing her down.

“Yes I want to” Amber hissed through her teeth while standing up again and strutting up to the librarian to talk to her about seating arrangements. They looked like they were arguing but finally Mrs. Welsh (Savannah finally remembered!) the librarian gave in, giving Amber a hall pass. Just as the grey door swung behind her, Harry came in with his two blue binders and grumpy expression. He walked over to where Savannah was sitting and slid into the seat next to her. He forced a smile while saying ‘thanks’. But Savannah wasn’t really listening to what he was saying because as soon as he sat down next to her a lot of whispering had started. She could feel there stares burning a hole through her back as she worked.

'This is going to be an interesting year' Savannah thought.

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