grusome halloween

ghosts, vampires, witches, zombies, pumpkins and skeletons gang up to perform an evil mob to rip peoples eyes out of there sockets and stick it up there noses.


2. The Catch

The children finally got to the well and started to pick up the flowers by the well, suddenly in a flash there were the Halloween freaks. the children not knowing what is going on ran till they got to the old lady's house the old lady was outside in her garden waiting for the children the old lady grabbed them and handed them over to the Halloween freaks.

The Halloween freaks throw a bag over the children heads, after having to have an hours walk to there secret hide out the kids were screaming all the way there. Once they got to the hide out the kids had been given a knock out laser and whilst they were knocked out the Halloween freaks had tied them up and put fire round the children.



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