Harry Times Two

One Harry meets the other Harry. Some crazy shits about to go down. Especially if one is 5 and the other is 18 and they act the same. And guess who is stuck in the middle? Nina. Confusing huh? Try to keep up.


1. Harry Styles!! Ow...

"Harry Styles!!" I screamed. I saw a curly head run over to me and slapped my arm. "Owww," he just laughed and sent me a death glare. He took away with my last lifesaver. I frowned. He slowly opened it up, teasing me. I sent him a death glare back. He slowly took it out and opened his mouth. He saw my anger and smirked showing his cute dimples. He cheekily winked and put it in his mouth.
"Come get it, Na." He ran away his curls bouncing up and down. I rolled my eyes and continued my homework. Did you think I ment THE Harry Styles. Hells naw, I wish. But that was my brother, who might I add looks EXACTLY like Harry Styles. I'm not over exaggerating. He has the cutest dimples, curly hair (exactly like Harry's) green/blue eyes, a crooked smile, and LOVES pussiecats and Haribo gummy bears. And apparently, my lifesavers. That's why I call him Harry Styles, he hates it when I do that so as you just witness he hits me and ends up getting what he wants. He likes One Direction but his favorite is not Harry as you might think it is, it Louis. You know the crazy guy, wearing the stripped shirt and red skinny jeans with braces and TOMS. Yea he acts like him. So his like Larry Styleson, only don't think of it as a ship name. So that's my brother. Yay, now back to homework. Only I couldn't concentrate with SOMEONE bouncing all over my work singing "I want, I want I want but that's crazy..." did I saw singing? More like sing screaming if you ask me. Great now Im half deaf and half dead if I don't finish my homework.
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