Becoming One Of Them

The transformation of good to bad and becoming one of them.
But can Harry change her back?


2. Chapter 2

Hope's POV


Me,Joy and Texas looked around the room. The boys started running up to me and Joy and Texas was left there standing by herself.

"Want to be my partner?"

Niall asked me looking at me with puppy eyes,

"Okay then"

I said giving into his gorgeous blue eyes, 

"Come on then"

I turned around to see Texas stood with Harry and a very jealous Megan! Nice one girl!

"Romeo and Juliet guys!Scripts coming around!"

I sighed and looked at Niall who seemed to be beaming,

"What's up with you?"

He snapped out of his trance and whispered in my ear,

"Harry likes her, I can see the way he looks at her"

I started smiling at the thought of Harry breaking up with Megan and her crying

"Here you go guys!"

Ms.Galvin passed us the script as I brushed my hair back and stood up,

"Romeo, Romeo- Wait what does that say?"

There was a big smudge across the word and I had no idea what it says,


The bell went strangly, 

"Shit it's the firealarm!"

I heard Harry shout out,

"Harry watch your language, your right though everyone out!"

We all rammed out of the door and into the fire assembly,

"Where's Texas? It's a real fire!"

I looked around, she was nowhere to be found.Miss started shouting out the register as I carried on looking for her,


"Here miss!"


No reply.


"She went to the toilet miss"

Harry said brushing his tangled hair back with his fingers,

"Your kidding me?"

There was a massive bang, followed by smashing and some screaming.


Joy screamed out looking at the crumbles of the drama block, The only part that hadn't been destroyed was the gym and the office which were in a different building. Which means we still don't know where Texas is..


I heard Harry screaming before running into the building full of fire.

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