*This is my first proper movella. It may not be very good.*


1. The dream

As I ran down the cavernous hallway I heard echoes of screaming voices coming from the barren stone walls, as if I was being stalked by a hoard of restless zombies. I continued regardless, coming to the end of the passage. I then stood stunned at the lean shadow of a frightful figurine. It wore a set of golden armour and wielded a colossal sword that beamed with pure energy; its head turned in my direction, eyes glaring at me with a blue glow and a sense of anger. I noticed the embroidery on the hilt of the sword; it was that of the sacred Rune-stones of Camelot. It took a blow at me with its sword and I dodged out the way, sprinting past it in distress. I heard its voice, it mumbled muffled phrases like "Ruetobas senots eht morf yawa!" and "Yawa yats! fieht!". I didn't know what this meant.Why am I even here? And how?.I kept on running. I had no hope of getting rid of the warrior. I could go no further. I turned round and set my eyes on the figure; the blade swung towards me... I woke up. It was just a dream. I thought to myself, could this mean anything?.I don't know what that was all about, but it surely wasn't just a simple dream.

I got out of bed and dressed for my duty; I'm King Arthur of Camelot's squire. It's not an easy job you know. It was the opening day of the annual jousting event and Arthur wanted to look the best he could and have everything perfect; guess who had to do all the preparation. I couldn't stop thinking about that dream as I was setting up the tents and seating. It had to mean something. Arthur strode up to me. "Come on Merlin, no day-dreaming. I know you're worthless but we have no time to be wasting." He stated to me. One day I'll not be so 'worthless' I thought to myself.

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