One Direction One Shots

One Shots (short stories) about a girl and one of the guys from One Direction fan fic. Some are funny, some are sweet. Hope you enjoy reading them! :)


13. Niall and Tasha <3

-Tasha's POV

O-M-G! I can’t believe I’m in LA on this vacation! The weather and the view of this hotel is unbelievable! One of my friends got picked to go to a concert tomorrow and she invited me to go with her. And guess what? IM GOING TO ONE DIRECTION’S CONCERT!! AHHHHHH. Lucky me, I’m meeting 5 famous (HOT) guys. Cool beans.

So I’m Tasha and I’m in LA right now for vacation with a friend. It’s like a dream come true to meet them. They sound like really cool, down-to-earth people from the UK.

-After a couple of songs later, at the concert-

“hey everyone, how are you all doing?” asked Liam. Everyone shouted.

“ok, so we’re a bit slow than normal so the meet and greet is postponed to tomorrow morning at 9” said Harry

“we’re really sorry about it” apologized Louis

“ok so this is our last song for the night…” said Niall

“and it’s called I Want” said Zayn, continuing Niall’s sentence.

So they performed I Want. I love that song, it’s so catchy and wonderful. When the song finished, everyone, and I mean everyone, jumped up and down and clapped and cheered. It was chaos with sound.

-the next day at 8-

I’m waiting in line for the meet and greet to start. Unfortunately, my friend couldn’t come so I’m all alone. After an hour, the line started moving. Yay. It is scary meeting them in person, I’ve never met them this close before.

I’ve met Harry, Liam and Zayn and got their autographs. They are all gentlemen and I also got to hug them. Then came Louis.

“hey cutie, what’s your name?” he asked

“Tasha” I replied

“here you go, lovely” he said giving my autograph book back.

OMG. It’s Niall.

He looked up at me and there was this moment. I can’t explain it but I think I’m in love with him.

“hey babe” he said

“h-hi” I said hesitated. Oh god.

“what’s your name beautiful?” he asked


“that’s a beautiful name you got there” he said smiling at me.

OMG. His smile is to die for.

“here you go sweetheart” he said smirking, giving my book back “read the message when you get home”. Then the most shocking thing happened. He WINKED at me!! I literally stood there in shock.

“miss, move along, you’re hogging the line” said the security guard.

-back at home-

I rushed into my room, closed the door behind me and flopped on my bed. I quickly opened my book and started reading Niall’s message. It says:

Hey Tasha,

It is nice meeting you here at the meet and greet. I bet you’ve seen us yesterday at the concert. Hope you enjoyed it :) So since you’re my fav girl in the line up… I was just wondering if you’re free in the afternoon. Maybe we could go to the beach or something, or even the park next to the beach. It’s your choice. I really wanna write more but I don’t want anyone shouting at me for making them wait even longer. So if you want to come, then give me a call. It’s 4153832498. Hope to hear from you again.

Love from the handsome blonde kid,

Nialler xoxo

So I quickly got my phone and dialed the number.

“hello?” answered the Irish boy

“hey” I said

“oh well, hello Tasha, I’m glad that you called me. So what’s your decision?” he asked

“yea sure, I’ll go to the park/beach with you” I told him

“that’s awesome, I’ll meet you there in… 15 minutes?” he told me

“yea, I’d love to, bye Nialler” I said. He chuckled. OMG, his laugh is soo cute!

“bye cutie” he said and hung up.

After 15 minutes, I arrived at the park/beach place. It’s an amazing place to be in right now, with the warm weather and the amazing view of the beach. I found a place to sit on, the swings. I rocked back and forth on the swings waiting for him.

Then all of a sudden, two hands covered my eyes. This gave me a shock.

“guess who” said a squeaky high American voice. I know straight away that it’s HIM.

“Niall Horan” I said. He let go.

“how did you know?” he said sitting on the swing next to mine.

“I’ve heard your American accent before” I laughed

“oh drats…” he mumbled.

-20 minutes later-

“soo Tasha, do you mind getting wet?” he asked awkwardly

“um… what do you mean?” I asked curiously

“this” he said.

We are walking along the water when he suddenly flicked water at me. I made a huge gasp at him.

“oh, you’re ON!” I said splashing him

After a few minutes, we went back to walking along the shore. He ended up blabbing about his life and how miserable he was until he met me. Aww. Then all of a sudden he stopped talking. I felt something touch my lips. OMG. Niall Horan from One Direction just kissed me. I stood there in shock. He smiled at me with his to-die-for smile.

“I’m hungry. Wanna go to Nandos?” he asked.

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