The Story of How it Came to Be

Sabrina Payne, Liam's cousin, just moved and needs to start in a new school. What happens when she meets someone from her past and falls for his friend?


8. rest of the day

Liam's POV

During lunch Brina told me all about America, nothing special happened really. She told us about her friends, well ex- friends (spread rumors on Facebook after she left, thinking she wouldn't see) and her past boyfriends. she had about 3. When she mentioned this, I looked at Niall to see his reaction. It was a mix between anger, jealousy, and hate. After catch up a bit, the bell rang and we were off to math. Each class was the same. Brina being introduced, her telling the class about herself, and then the class asking her questions. (A/N their schedule is language, theater, lunch, math, free, art, history, science). It was an easy day with no homework, this was a free day. I decided to meddle. I looked for Brina and found her talking with Harry. "Brina!?" I called. "Yes Li?" "Wanna come over to the flat with me and the lads. We share one not far from school." i said with a smile. She looked shocked "Really!? Sure, but I gotta tell my mom". I completely forgot I had her phone the whole day. "Here I'll call her from your phone, I'm pretty sure she'll be happy to hear from me anyway." she just nodded and went back to talking to harry. I took her phone out and unlocked the screen *New Message From: NI <3* hmm since when did those two have each others numbers, and why was there a heart by his name? I'll ask Ni later. I pressed 'view later' and went in her contacts and called aunt Barb.

Niall's POV

"Ni! You're clueless!!" I was being yelled at by Louis, I don't even know what I did. "Lou, what the hell are you talking about?" "You and Brina both like each other, but you two are too blind to notice!" What the fu-fudgepops!? Was it that obvious? "Lou, I just met her. I don't know her well eno-" "Oh shut it Ni!You're so complicated!" and with that he walked away, well then! I went out and saw the boys and Brina waiting. "Hey Ni, hurry up! It looks like it's gonna pour any second! oh and Brina's staying for the night" Zayn explained as I ran to them. I looked at Louis, why was he and Liam smirking at each other? We all started walking home, it's only a block away. Brina was talking to Zayn, Liam and Louis were whispering to each other, and Harry was talking about cats to me. After about 5 minutes we got to our flat and Liam opened the door. "Guys, meeting in my room in 10 minutes, I'll just show Brina around quickly." We all went to wait in Liam's room, while he showed her where everything is. Soon he was upstairs, standing in front of us.

Sabrina's POV

Liam showed me around and then went upstairs to talk to the boys. Probably about boy stuff and all that. I was hungry so I opened the fridge and looked around. I opened one off the bottom drawers, it was all filled with carrots, baby carrots, long carrots, carrot sticks, etc. Bingo! I got an idea in my head. Time for revenge. I grabbed a bag of each type there was and put them on the table, then I took the rest and shoved them behind other foods, and made them unnoticable. After I hid them, I took the bags of carrots I put on the table and opened them I made a trail down the stairs to the kitchen where I sat in a pile of carrot bags, looking as if I had ate them all. I heard a door open and a scream. I smirked. Time to act. I started eating the carrots when Louis came in with tears in his eyes. "YOU MONSTER!!! YOU ATE ALL MY CARROTS!?" While he yelled at me, I kept eating the carrots as innocently as I possibly can. I spoke after he calmed down. "Well Lou, I was hungry and Li-Li said to feel at home. So I ate the carrots" I got up handed him my half eaten carrot and walked out "here Lou you could have the last few bites" I giggled and sat on the sofa, there's still more to come for him. He'll just have to wait and see. cue evil laughter

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