The Secrets That Lies Beyond

There are 3 girl vampires that soon fall in love with 3 human boys. What will happen when they fall in love? Death, destruction and undesired love. What will happen when everyone they love dies. With their strong feelings, and their kisses meaningful will they be able to stay apart for the greater good or are they able to risk all they have to live the life with bloodlust uncontrollable? When Isobel, Jessie and Bridgette meet Ash, Jace and Bayn will they be able to stay together or will they become the thing they most fear. Will they do anything for them even if it means becoming a monster themself. Read for to find out.


1. I wish i could rewind!

Im in the place between being asleep and awake. I am lying on my bed thinking about going to school. I'm never nervous but it's always scary for me because i'm a............. vampire.

Hi, I am Bridgette Holmes almost Bridgette Millow and i have blonde hair, emerald green eyes and i did have tan skin but is more pale ever since i changed. Here's my story.

September 7th 1846

I all started on the day i was supposed to be happy and with the person i love for the rest of my life. But now i am alone forever with no one to hold no to love, i don't think i will be ever to love anyone ever again. My wedding day it happened the day of my wedding i can see it, it's as clear as a crystal. I'm walking gracefully and i'm wearing the most gorgeous dress. I saw him he was for me as he went to grab my hand he was gone and i was knocked out. I woke up with a puddle of blood around me and i screamed Chase! Chase! But yet my eyes were dry. What's wrong with me i should be crying, am i dead i thought?! No i can't be this is my day no one will ever take this from me!

What, what is that smell i took a big whiff and my eyes began veining and really red. Oh my god and my mouth i was in so much pain it felt like razors ripping through my gums. The smell was doing this to me, i need to find that smell i stood up and all i remember was my white dress covered with the color red. I was trying to focus on the smell i went to run to find it and i was going so fast all the trees with no leaves flying past me. I found the smell it was a human........ it was Chase. Chase Chase wake up i remember saying. He just laid there with now reaction to my touch.

"I knew you would find him" I heard someone say coming from behind a tree. "

What are you talking about what are you doing to him what did you do to me?" i asked. "

You haven't added it up yet have you."

"Add what?"

"Your a vampire and he hates you! "the man yelled.

"No he doesn't he's my husband he loves me.........vampire no not possible."

"He hunts vampire's. I'm gonna make sure he know's i turned you and let him kill you!" he said with a devious smile. WHAT is that smell? "

That is his blood, feed on him of i will force feed you! " 

"Now i would rather die then feed on an innocent human. "

"Then force feed it is!" He said dashing over to me before i could yell no he shoved my mouth on his mouth and i couldn't resist i fed on my true love. Then i got up and ran as fast and as far as i could.

Then 2 years later i went to visit my family because i knew i could control myself and i missed them and when i went to the door a little boy ran out. I didn't have a brother. Did they have a kid after i left? Then following after him a little girl and by my guess his twin.

"Where is mommy and daddy" I asked as sweet as a monster like me could.

"In the back" the little girl replied.

"Thank you" I walked around back and found a young couple.

"Hello" I started.

"Oh hello" the young man replied.

"May we help you?" The woman asked.

"Is Mace and Rosalyn" I asked.

"No they died a year ago." He answered.

"How?" i questioned wishing that the past 3 years never happened.

"When there daughter was getting married, some people kidnapped them well put them on a boat and the boat sunk." she said.

"Sad if you think about it" he added.

"Yea specially if you the whole reason they died!"

"What do you mean, sweetie" The woman asked me.

"I'm there daughter, i have to go" and i ran out of there before they could reply.

And know i am where i am today about to start a new school knowing nothing and trying to live a normal 17 year old life.


I am Jessie Lynn and today was great i have been going to Chestnut ridge in Maine for about a year now i have brown short hair, freckles and brown eyes and pale completion  And i have the best friend ever Isobel is also a brownie with brown eyes but no freckles because freckles are my thing. We share a secret, we are vampires. I assume you wanna know how it happen well here we go.

May 23rd 1852

My family and I went to Rome for a family vacation. While me parents were in the hotel me and my sister were in the village shopping for vegetables to make for dinner.Then we heard a market owner scream

"Run, Lamina"

"What does that mean?"My sister, Jasmyn asked in a frantic because all the people around us were running.

"I may be mistaken but i think it means vampire" i answered.

"They aren't real are they?" Jasmyn questioned.

"No but there is myths they live in.......Rome"

"NO" she said in shocked.

"Jasmyn, run lamina behind" I yelled.

"What about you?"she asked.

"Just run to the ranch and tell mom and dad i love them"i added.

"NO" she replied.


"Well aren't you brave."

"And strong"

"For a minute i got chills then i remembered wait i can kill you or i can turn you, your kinda cute" he said brushing my bangs out of my face.

"Don't touch me" i said taking a step back.

"Well excuse me I will do this" As he but into my neck.

"Jessie" My mom, Heather was yelling.

"Mom" i said waking up and then i stood up.

"Jessie" Jasmyn said hugging me.

"You guys smell good" I said looking down and then I bit my sisters, neck and sucked her dry.

I know sad, but i couldn't stop i totally lost control. And then they were next.

"JASMYN" my dad yelled.

"Steven let her go she's gone" My mom explained.

"That is not my daughter that is a monster" my dad, well Steven stated.

"I am glad you feel that way, now I won't feel as bad when i suck you dry" I said with an twisted ache in my stomach.And i finished them off and started running far away from the biggest mistake.

That's how i am and where i am now. I live in a house that blends in but not like are neighbor. She lives in this Victorian house deep in the woods.


My name is Isobel James but you can call me Izzy. I have dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. I have soft olive toned skin and am 5 feet and 6 inches tall. I was trying to go to sleep but I was restless. Sometimes I relish in the fact that I killed so many. People try and change me but I like to drink from humans. I try so hard to be the person, the good person. But I never can and I never was. I have a terrible secret one that always brings death. I am a vampire and I  am the reason my family died and brought death of so many others.

August 7th 1846

I lived in England at the time and I always tried to be the good little girl my parents wanted. But I never was. I broke the rules and that is how I ended up like this. I was supposed to marry someone I didn't know but the family knew. We were rich but they happened to be the richest family and had a lot more power than we. I was going to try and at least do something right but that's when I met someone else. His name was Cole and he was the most handsome and sweetest guy I have known. He was of the same family that who I was gonna be forced to marry. I was supposed to marry the oldest son of the family but little did I know I fell in love with one of the other brothers.

 My parents didn't want me to marry into that family. They were said to practice in black magic and were monsters but you couldn't refuse them. They always had a way of getting what ever they want no matter the cost. When I got invited to the ball my family were scared they knew I couldn't say no. That's when me and my family had to go. Little did I know that they wanted to have an arranged marriage with me. So I had no choice but to say yes. So I had to spend a lot of time with them. They had a lot of secrets when I was their. The oldest brother Erik that I was to marry always disappeared on me and then his brother Cole was always their when I needed him and I soon began to fall in love with him.  I was told by a servant that I was to meet Erik in the gardens now. So I went through their huge Victorian house all the way to the gardens  That was my favorite place out of the mansion. But when I went to the gardens it was only Cole. I always loved to see Cole smile and his eyes. His bluish gray eyes that put me under a spell ever since the day I first met him. But then I wondered why Erik wasn't here. It was always secrets with him, all of them. Now I know why they had all of the secrets. I just wish I found out sooner.

"Hello Mr.Night. To what do we owe this pleasure." I said to Cole while curtsying in my Victorian dress.

"Well hello Miss. James. And the pleasures all mine." Cole said while kissing my hand.

"Where's Erik? He said he wanted to meet me here.." I stated.

"He said he would be here and that I was to keep you company until he gets here." He said calmly.

"Well thank you kind sir."I said smiling. "The sunset is so beautiful." I said.

"Yes it it. To feel it on your face. To walk on sunshine." Cole said smiling. I smiled at that then he started to lean in and I leaned in to. The kiss was powerful. More powerful than the one I had with Erik. Words couldn't even describe it. It was like the sun and the moon into one kiss. But then he quickly pulled away with me in a daze. He turned his face that's when I got worried. No one was out here. I was about to say something but then Erik walked over to us. with something on his shirt. Is that blood! I get up right away.

"Erik! Are you hurt!" But then he cuts me off.

"Its not my blood." He said. 

"Brother do you think."

"It's time." Erik said. That's when they told me that they were vampires. The original vampires. The first ones ever. But they didn't tell me everything. I remember Cole's face when they said they were going to kill me. He said he had no choice. They kidnapped and manipulated me the whole time. I was just for their games.

"But their's always a choice." I said to him. When he left I started working on my escape. I was beat up, bruised and bleeding. But I managed to get the rope off and I got away using some vervain. There were always stories about monsters of the night but I never believed them. Sure their were the witch trials but I never thought it was true. I thought they were just stories but I know now that they were true.

 I remember running through the woods they were always using their smelling to smell my blood and hearing to hear my heart beat faster with every breath. They were always taunting me saying things like "I can smell you" and "I can hear you"but then I wanted to give up so bad. To just lay their and say my good byes for all my rights and my wrongs. Then I tripped and stumbled. I was bleeding and was out of breath. I tried to hide but they would always find me. That's when I couldn't take it anymore and I killed myself only to wake up the next day in the woods. I knew I had vampire blood but I thought it might have been out of my system but I was willing to take that chance. I wanted to be a vampire. When on one else should. It was a terrible thing and I get that now but I was just saving myself and I always will be. The sunlight was so hard on my eyes and my gums in my mouth felt like blades were going into them. My stomach felt as if I haven't eaten in days. And my throat was so thirsty it felt as if sandpaper were rubbing against the back of it. All i could think about was blood. And I knew why. I was becoming one of them. I found a little cottage and was met by a young girl. I asked to go inside and that's when I smelt one of the children lying in bed injured. With blood on them. I couldn't help myself but to drink them all dry. I wanted to become one of them. When I tried to leave the sunlight burned my skin. I couldn't go out into the sunlight  I could never feel the sunlight on my skin. I waited until night to leave and when I did I went straight to my family.  But when I got there they were all murdered and I knew by whom.

"Mama papa" I cried. My parents Cameron and Alex James were dead.  Everyone was dead. My sister, my brother, my handmaidens, the servants, my friends and my parents. I left to go find a witch that I overheard when I was kidnapped to make me able to go into the sun. I got her to make a sunlight necklace for me and I never take it off. It was a locket Cole gave me. The witch had me make a promise to not harm her children and I made that promise. I left on one of the horses and lived in an orphanage for 1 year. When word got out that my family was murdered they found where I was and I had to live there. I did it because I wanted to be normal but I knew I couldn't stay there very long they might find out. I wanted to become the monster that started it all but I couldn't no matter how hard I wanted to. So I tried to not show any of my vampire tricks but they got suspicious one night and I couldn't handle it the smell, the thirst, and last the hunger. I killed all of the people in the orphanage and then burnt it to the ground to cover up my tracks. I then became a ripper and killed so many people and brought death on so many others.

That's how I am now. I've been 17 years old for over a century now living with every kill, every scream, forever in my head.I couldn't have left them even if I knew what they were. I was to blinded to even notice. I made myself like this and I deserve this life. Being immortal and alone, bring death for everyone. So I flipped the switch and didn't care who I killed. I turned off my humanity. And became the soulless monster I am.



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