A new life with One Direction

Sophie Harrison is best friends with the one and only Liam Payne. They always laugh and joke about but when Liam leaves for X-Factor again, sophie is scared incase he forgets about her and their friendship. Will he forget? and will she change her view of him?


1. He leaving....


Sophie's POV   "I HATE YOU!" I scream pulling at my hair, my best friend Liam Payne is leaving me. He knows i will never hate him that's  the sad thing, he is and always will be my best friend. "I know you don't   Im sorry, your the one always telling me to follow my dreams and now you want me to stay here and be miserable," He yells quietly with tears in his eyes. He's leaving me again to go audition for x-factor, he's been my best friend ever since i can remember and if he wins he will probably forget me.  "Liam, i know! I-im just afraid your going to forget me," I cry throwing my hands over my face. He wraps me in a huge hug and kisses my head. "Sophie your my best friend, i will never forget you," He mumbles into my hair. "Promise?" I sat looking into his lovely brown eyes.  "Pinky promise," He smiles wrapping his pinky finger around mine. He lets go of me and grabs my hand. "You coming to cheer me on?" He asks rubbing the stray tears out of my eyes. I just nod afraid in case i brake down again. We walk hand in hand to where our parents stood with tears in their eyes. "Ready?" His mum asks looking from me to Liam. We nod and climb in the back of the car. "Liam," I say looking at him, he turns to me with a sad smiles on his face. "Yeah?" He asks, I shift so im looking his straight in the face. "Dont forget," I chuckle silently and he nods hugging me close. "I will never, your too special to me," He whispers  into my hair.
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