Have you ever thought of two weird people ever meeting- and falling in love? No? Well, read this and you will see how it all goes down! Not smoothly, I can tell you.....


2. He meets.



Five other children galloped down the stairs, eying Alex up and down. He wasn’t exactly in his ‘Sunday Best.’ More like... Monday Worst?

Fleur nudged a small girl with stick legs and long, dark hair that swayed around her waist.

“I’m Laila, I was found in a bin in a alleyway when I was a baby and brought to this dump- ... I mean place. “She stammered. She lifted her head to reveal two, yellow eyes that pierced into my soul. Laila twiddled with her nose stud, the bones in her dainty hands poking out of her skin, looking like they were about to rip right through it.

She poked the tall, bleach blonde boy beside her. He jumped then began to speak.

“I am seventeen. I am Sebastien- which means admirable, I mean, aren’t I just.” He winked, flicking his hair to the side and posing. His beautiful English accent matched his appearance perfectly.

“Anyway, my mum named me that because her dad was called it too. She was thirteen when she had me then kept me until I was three then she couldn’t... couldn’t go on. So...she put-me-on-the-street-and-killed-herself.” Sebastien sped up on the last sentence, for obvious reasons. However, he did not allow the brewing tear in his eye to escape; he was too tough for that.

Another boy, about twelve stepped forward to speak. He had his black afro slicked back into cornrows- and his dark skin stood out from the other four people around him.

“I’m Jaiden, I’m four’een. I ‘ad a bruver and a sistaa but dey got took away, you get me? I may be shor’ for ma’ age but I’m a right fighter, yeah. I get into propaa sick arguements, yeah! Then I like dodge their punches. I, like, hit them a propaa one, yeah.” He said, doing actions to his imaginary fights.

Alex couldn’t help but release a small giggle that came out more snobbery then meant.

“ You laffin’ at me, bruv’? Wanna’ fight, wanna’ fight?” Jaiden yelled, his white teeth clenched.

Sebastian stepped in front of Jai and mumbled some calm words at him, his voice as soft as a snugly blanket.

Suddenly a tall, skinny girl stepped forward. Her long eyelashes were clumpy with thick mascara and her lips were a peachy pink. As she smiled, her tongue piercing was revealed. She opened her mouth. She breathed in deeply and spoke her story.

“Erm... I’m Sasha- you can call me Sash; if you really want to. Erm... My mom chucked me out the house two years ago because I got classed as a ‘physco’” She used her fingers to express the inverted commas “Don’t worry! I’m not! I’m just... Eccentric.” Sasha added, with a wink.

Alex grinned. She was beautiful and funny. He could imagine them, flying off in a UFO to mars, getting married. They would have an alien as the best man, a flying pig as the maid of honour and several jumping dogs as their bridesmaids, he had it all sorted... his whole life planned out. Everything was just perfect...

“Err... hi. Me call Tatianna. I come to English for a... holiday. No, no. I was err... sent here forever. My mean step father he banishes me from Russia. He say me bad example. I wishes I could have been born in English! I love English!” She announced.

Alex looked Tatianna up and down. She ran her slim fingers through her shoulder length bright blonde hair. She was probably about 15/16 but boy, was she hot...

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