That Worthless Diary

Look, it's just a stupid diary, nothing more. My mom just decided to give it to me to torture me, well so far it's working. I'm telling it things I don't usually talk about outside of it. It's pathetic really, I just want to get rid of it, but why can't I? That my dear diary, is because if I get rid of you by throwing you in the trash or something, say some wierd person finds our trash interesting and see's you lying there all hopeless. Them being them reads it, finds it humoress or what not and shows it to friends. Then said friend shows another friend then a chain of reaction which leads back to everybody knowing about my personal life. That my dear diary is why I should have never wrote in you in the first place. It's just a stupid diary, that I can't get rid of. I should have just stayed in my room.


1. 10/10/12


Dear Me,

                …Ok not the best introduction for my dairy, but it will have to do for now. So you my friend are probably wondering why I’m writing in you? Well, it all started when my mom got back from shopping. Here it will just be easier if I explain.

                “Jess, come down here!” My mom shouted up the stairs, saying a quick ‘brb’ to my Abby, I rolled onto the floor and took my time to the door. Reaching my destination I swung it open and did a little roll, putting my hands together in a fake gun motion. I began to hum mission impossible and attempting to be spy-like down the stairs. Hey, I may be 16, but tell me you don’t do that sometimes still. Jumping the last step I landed with one knee on the ground and the other up. Moving my finger gun, I spotted my target, mom. Grinning like an idiot I was about to make a pew sound when she raised a finger gun and shot me, adding a pew to her finger gun to.

                “Why, after all we have been through?” I made a dramatic gesture and toppled over, acting like I was dead.  Ignoring my comment she began to talk.

                “See I got you a diary-“cutting her off right then and there, I got up and put my hand in a stop right there sign.

                “No way am I using a diary, like ever.” Turning on my heel I was about to bound back up the stairs when I heard her call after me.

                “You well use it, or I’ll take away everything you have!” Stopping dead in my tracks I backed down the stairs.

                “You wouldn’t.” I told her in a deathly cold tone. Crossing her arms over her chest and flipping her light brown hair out of her eyes, I could practically see the evil in her eyes.

                “But I would.” Rolling my eyes I walked over to the bags. Yanking through them I found the stupidest diary ever. Sneering in disgust I bound up the stairs into my room, not caring that my mom called out that dinner would be ready in a few. Plopping down on my bed I just shut my laptop, figuring Abby would be on later anyway. The dark cover of the dairy made me gag, along with the whitest pages. At the end it said ‘Do you dedicate this to someone?” I mean really, why in the world would you dedicate a diary too? Isn’t it supposed to be the most prized possession a girl has? As I stared down at it blankly, I gave in. Giving a loud groan I grabbed a pen from the pouch of my book bag, and began to write in it.

                So this is how we got to know each other. Pretty cool right! I think not, pretty boring if you ask me. I don’t even understand why mom wants me to write in you anyway. I minus well give you a name. How about lifesaver? ‘Cause you aren’t going to be a lifesaver one day! You get it no, well ok. I wasn’t always the one to make jokes. Look I don’t even know why I’m still writing in you, you’re wasting my time. So whatever, bye diary.

P.S: I hope I lose you!

                                                                                                                                                Yours Truly,


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