Fallen From Hell

What happens when you are kidnapped during a war? Fifteen year old Nightshade knows. She has been experimented on for ten years. But one of their many elixirs works, but not to their advantage.


1. Experiment

I was only five years old when I was taken away from home. I was in bed asleep when I woke up to the sounds of screaming. I got up to see what it was, and slowly and quietly made my way down the stairs. I had snuck around the house a lot so I knew where all the squeaky parts of the stairs were, so I made it without making a sound. When I reached the bottom, I heard more screams and a bunch of clanging and thuds. I headed for the kitchen, knowing this was where the sounds were coming from. But when I opened the kitchen door, I saw something a five year old should never have to see. Lying on the ground in a pool of blood, was my parents. They had been shot. I looked up to see their assailants. There were five men in my kitchen. Three in what looked like army suits and were holding guns, while the other two were wearing white lab coats, at least they used to be white. They were now covered in blood. In the time it took me to realize it was my parents blood was about the time it took them to seize both my arms and shove a needle into one of them, knocking me out.

Now I am fifteen. I have been in these labs for ten years and it never gets any better, but it always gets worse. They experiment on me daily with new drugs that are supposed to help them during the current worldwide war. There are others kids that are here for the same purpose as me abut some of the drugs react worse for them. We all have are worse moments.

We were all taken between the ages of three and six. Since we were so young they got rid of any memory of our past lives, even though I can always remember what they did to my parents and how I ended up here. They named us all on how we acted. My name is Nightshade, a beautiful but deadly creature. I don't talk to any of the other patients, they don't allow us to converse.

I sat on my usual metal table as one of the so called scientists walked. We never get the same person twice in a row. They think we will learn their weaknesses and escape. This particular guy was holding a syringe with a black liquid with red lines running all throughout it. It actually looked really mesmerizing, until I remembered he was about to put it in my veins. He walked over to me and cleaned my right arm to prepare it for the injection. When he put the needle in, I felt the same pain I always do. That pain that makes me feel like he's shoving a stake in my arm.

But something was different about this one. It hurt, and then it burned. It felt like I had fallen into a volcano. I screamed in pain. My body twisted in agony and next thing I knew I was standing above the scientist, who now had a scapel in his heart. I looked in the mirror hanging on one of the walls, and what I saw was not what I expected.

Standing in the mirror was a girl with long black hair that now contained red streaks. Her eyes were blood red with black where the white should have been. She was wearing the regular outfit that the subjects wear, a black knee length dress. A pair of pure black gargoyle-like wings protruded from her back. The truly startling thing, was that that was me. And I was about to finally live up to my name.

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