Forever And Always (1D Fanfiction)

Nicole is a 17 year old girl who loves One Direction, She and her bestfriend Sophie went to a One Direction Concert but what happens when a member of One direction falls for Nicole and She falls for him and there is another member who also loves her will there be a love or will there be broken hearts? Find out!!!


18. The Truth

Liam's POV:
I woke up and found Nicole wasn't beside me I put a shirt on and make my way to the kitchen when I heard so are you planning to tell Liam tonight? Sophie asked I guess so Nicole said what are they talking about? I said to myself ,Tell me what? I asked as I came in umm Liam I think I should tell you about what I have been hiding from you for a couple of days now she said What? I asked as I swallowed hard when I gave you and Zayn a time for you guys to make up Austin my ex boyfriend of 3 years came to Sophie's house and raped me I was shock what she was telling me and also i felt my anger boiled that jerk raped her I said to myself I'm sorry and I know I should've kept this from you she cried "why didn't you tell me sooner?"I asked "I didn't tell you because I don't want to loose you" she said you should've told me so I can protect you I said "I didn't want your friendship with Zayn to be ruined so I didn't tell you I promise I won't keep things from you anymore" she said I hugged her so the Father of the baby could be me or Austin? I asked she nodded when do you want to find who is the dad? I asked tommorow she said Ok i said i hope the baby belongs to me I can't wait to go to the hospital and find who is the father of the baby.
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