One Direction in the Avengers

6 normal teens head off on holiday, next thing they have super powers!? And are fighting to save the world? Join Jas and her friends on a special journey of trouble, war, hope, loss and laughs.


1. Poker


One Direction in the Avengers

5 boys 5 girls 4 bombs 3 agents 2 bad guys 1 fight

Hey Everyone! I decided to mix up my favourite movie and band together so I made this!! Sorry if you think the start is boring or confusing, you need to see the movie ( The Avengers AND Captain America! ) to understand it a little easier.

I really hope you like it!! Sorry if you don't, fighting and putting all the superhero stuff in was REALLY hard to write.

Red Skull face ( one of the bad guys ) Is from Captain America.

And Loki is obviously the bad guy in the Avengers.

It should be UK, i know, but I wanted to do America because that's where the real Avengers is in the movie.

Big thanks to Raechelle, plus all my INCREDIBLE fans who have supported me all the way :) ENJOY!! from the Writer, Jas.


Chapter 1, Poker

The 5 of us. Ruby, Klara, Raechelle, Virginia and me all sat on Ruby's big bed playing poker.

My name is Jasmin. Me and my friends are just normal 18-20 year olds cruising the titanic jr, funny name for a cruise ship.

Raechelle won a compertition from the edge, 5 tickets to travel the world on the Titanic Jr. And that's why we're here today.

Just like every other girl on the planet, we are TOTALLY in love with these 5 boys called One Direction.
They are the Super-Hero's of America and have saved hundreds of people, they are amazing and incredible. I forever dream to meet them.

Each of us have our crushes. Klara loves Louis, Virginia loves Harry and I love Liam. Raechelle and Ruby say they don't like them but deep down we know they like their Agents. Agent Sykes and Weasley in particular. They each have different super powers. I've always dreamed of becoming a super-hero. It's terribley sad that that's never gonna happen.

As I thought about my sad life I looked down at my cards and saw three ace's.

Yes! I was so gonna win this.

Ruby: LOOK AT JASMIN'S FACE! You have good card's don't you.

Jasmin: hmm... They're alright... I guess...

Klara: I fold!

Virginia: Not me. Jasmin, we shall play...

Raechelle delt the final hand and when the cards came out I checked them with eager.

I had a quadrouple ace.

4 FREAKING ACE'S. OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's no way Ginny could beat this.

Jasmin: I raise- no. I go all in.

Virginia: So do I.

We both stared each other in the eye, I thought she was bluffing. Yes, she was bluffing. I was positive. Oh I love Poker.

Raechelle: Show cards.

We both flipped our cards over.


I got up and did a little dance.

Virginia: Not fair!

Raechelle: Wait a second... Ginny. You have a Royal flush. The best possible hand you can get. Oh my god. Ginny. You've won.

Jasmin: WHAT!?

Virginia: WHAT!?

Klara: WHAT!?

Ruby: WHAT!?

Obama: WHAT!?

Aliens: WHAT!?

Raechelle: Royal flush is the best you can get. Yep. Virginia is the winner.


I sat there with a frown on my face. No one beats me in poker. No one.

Virginia: Aww, I'm sorry Jazzy, maybe you'll win next time?

I still sat there. Annoyed. -.-

Raechelle: So what should we do now?

Ruby: Um...

Klara: We could-

Klara got cut off by a giant thump.

Something was wrong...

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