Kidnapped for Life

Amber was only 9 when she had been kidnapped, it has been 6 years since then, and she is losing hope quickly that anyone will find her. She still hasn't a clue who it is she is being forced to live w/. Will She eve find out? Will she still remember her family if they rescue her? Find out here about her story. Hope you like it :) -Livi


1. Where am I?

"Ahh! Mommy! Help Me! Y-You can't just kidnap me like this this!" "Watch Me.I just did." It has been six years since then,and those same words still haunt me. Why didn't anyone come after me? Although a better question is, Where am I? After all those years he still refuses to let me go anywhere, or even show me his face. Not like I can go far if I escape though,IF it even is possible. Outside and in, the windows are boarded up with steel,metal bars, the door has about ten locks on it. And worst of all, the barbed wires surrounding every inch of land. I feel my memories of my family slowly fading away from me, but the one memory I will never let out of my sight, is my twin sister, Abbey. She was the one person who I actually knew would be there for me. Until she was taken away from us exactly an hour before me. We were at the park, and out of no-where, a big man in a dark mask, took her right in front of my eyes, he had kind eyes,but a dark heart. And a cruel,cruel soul. *Knock Knock* I jumped when I was interuptted from my thoughts. "Guess Who?" "I dont know let's see here, ummm I give up..Who EVER could it be?" I asked him sarcastically. And as I expected, there he was, the man with no face,as I call him. "You better watch that mouth of yours little missy if you want dinner." "Okay, fine. The only thing I get here is complimentary food. What more could I ask from you?" "I said watch it!" His voice was harsh, but I just wanted to see how far he would let me go. "Ohh, and who's gonna make me,You? Ha! In your dreams, Bucko." "So,trying to see how tough you are,Eh? Well....Hmph,Two can play at that game!" He came towards me,but to show him that I wasn't scared,which I really was,I stayed put in my room,well I guess I could say my jail cell.He pulled out a sharp object,and thrusted it towards me but,suprisingly, I curved my side and avoided it, so I punched him where it really counts. He doubled-over in pain and agony and I quickly ran passed him,out the door, and I locked him inside it. I didn't know what to do,so I tried to open the door. Locked. Then the back door. Locked. Finally I decided to try his room. Just in case,I grabbed a knife from the kitchen,for safety. I go in there, Bingo! Open Door! Clear space outside! No Fence! "Yes.." I whispered to myself. I carefully run outside,but I guess not too carefully,because I feel a strong hang on my left arm. Without thinking, I quickly jot the knife through their stomach, there he was, the man. Laying on the ground, already in a pool of blood. Although this time,without a mask. He had a scar that ran from his right cheek, across his nose, and up to his left eye. He was quite handsome, except for the crazy part. I had to get out of here,so I ran. Im Finally Free.

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