The Day The Earth Stood Still

Not knowing that she won a month with One Direction, Kayla Johnson is a directionater that only cares about her self and her 2 boyfriends. Will she find out that she made the wrong decision or will she still stay her selfish cheating self?


1. Introduction


Warning: Kayla is talking to you.Not me.



"Baby stop!" I laughed."I have to go. I'll miss you." I said crying. " Babe don't cry. I don't wanna see you like this. Just get on the plane and come back as soon as you can. Okay?" Troy said. "Okay baby." Before I could kiss him goodbye the intercom came on and said " The  plane to London will leave in to minutes." I ran as fast as I could. Before you know it I bump right in to Niall Horan. " I am so sorry! Oh my Gosh. I have ruined your shirt." he said. "It's okay. Just move!" I said pushing him out the way. Niall came running after me. "Here you go. Ya left this magazine over there." He looked at it and made a is-that-me look. I stood the looking at him. I was so afraid if he was going to say something. And he did. 

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