Choosing One Direction

Emily, the dancer for One Direction's upcoming tour, has finally made her choice of which guy she wants to be with. As the group starts their tour, all seems well, until scandal arises again. Emily thought the drama was behind her- but what if she was wrong? What if choosing one direction may be harder than she thought?

Sequel to More Than One Direction


1. Live While We're Young

He's standing at the door with the flowers. I look into his eyes and smile. I reach out to grab the flowers, but before I get them into my hands, I wake up.
I'm lying in my bed. It's the morning of my big audition. I laugh at myself a little for such a ridiculous dream and get out of bed.
I take a shower, do my hair and make up, and dress in my dance clothes.
I make myself some breakfast, brush my teeth, and head to the arena.
I still cannot believe that everything was a dream.
When I get there, there are a few other girls already there, but I don't pay attention to them. I don't want to psych myself out, so I just focus on my stretching.
I need this job badly. Ever since I moved to California, my entire acting career has flopped. I'm broke. My old college professor inquired about getting me this audition, knowing my skills as a dancer. I need the money badly. Plus I've heard the boys from One Direction are pretty cute, though I'm not sure exactly what they look like.
I go to the bathroom before the auditions start. On my way back, I bump into a boy with short black hair. He looks  kind of familiar. He smiles at me and apologizes. He sounds like he may be English. I nod my head and return to the stage.
I fill out some forms and hand them in, when I notice a boy with blonde hair staring at me. I feel like I've seen him before, but I'm not sure where. I forget about him when the director announces the audition is beginning.
I dance my hardest, following the choreographer move for move. I really get into it, until I feel a tap on the shoulder.
It's the director; he's signaling me to leave.
I gather my things and leave the stage. As I exit, I notice a boy with short brown hair following me. I'm walking pretty fast, but he grabs my arm to stop me and turns me around.
"I'm sorry you didn't make it," he tells me in an obvious British accent, "I think you're really talented."
"Yeah," I say to him, still extremely upset, "And what do you know about talent?"
"Well I'd say I'm pretty talented," he says nervously, "My name's Liam, I'm from One Direction."
My jaw drops. Did I really just disrespect the guy who could save my career?
I reach out my hand, which he shakes.
"I'm sorry. I'm Emily," I say before releasing his hand.
"Nice to meet you Emily," he says, still smiling.
"You too," I say softly, unsure of how to act.
"Wanna get a coffee or something?"
"If I do, will you give me a job?"
He laughs, "I'll see what I can do."
"Good enough for me," I say, allowing a smile to spread across my face. He smiles back. He's cute.
We walk to a nearby coffee shop. When we get inside, he finds a small table a short walk from the window. He pulls a chair out for me. I sit down, not helping but to smile. He's really cute.
He sits in front of me and stares at me. He has the biggest most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. He looks like a puppy.
"So..." he starts nervously, "Nice weather we've been having."
I giggle, "Yes, that's quite an observation."
He smiles and looks down at his hands, "Yeah, sorry."
"So, how's One Direction?"
"Oh the band's great, we got Josh coming on tour with us. We got a new director named Ryan, so Paul can kinda relax and just help us out more on a personal level. Niall and Louis are gonna get more solos on our new album. It's all really great."
I have no idea what to say; none of the names he's mentioned mean anything to me. I don't even remember HIS name.
I stare blankly at him.
"You don't have any idea who I'm talking about, do you?"
"Not a clue..." I reply.
"Well, that's all right."
We sit in silence for a few minutes. He's very fidgety, and I feel bad because he looks very uncomfortable. I just don't know what to say.
Suddenly, his face lights up as he notices something behind me. I look towards the door to see a blonde haired boy, the one I caught staring at me earlier.
"Hey Niall!" what's-his-name shouts in the direction of who I assume is Niall.
Niall notices him and walks towards our table.
"Hey Liam!" he says when he gets closer to us.
Liam, THAT'S his name!
"Liam," Niall continues, "You should see the girls they picked for us to dance with. They're total dogs! I saw this one girl earlier, but she didn't get picked! She was gorgeoussss; I like couldn't keep myself from staring at her! She had long brown hair and these really pretty freckles, and-"
"She's sitting right here," Liam says, interrupting Niall.
Niall looks confused, then looks over at me. He blushes instantly.
"Oh. Well, I'm gonna go to the bathroom."
He walks away quickly, and I feel bad for embarrassing him.
"Is he okay?" I ask Liam.
"Yeah, he gets shy around girls he likes."
"So am I supposed to take that to mean..."
"Take it how you like," Liam says, "I'm the one that asked you here first though."
He winks at me, and I look down shyly. What am I getting myself into?
Niall comes out of the bathroom then, still blushing.
I'm really unsure what to do, so I sit there in silence.
When I look at Niall, I see he's staring at me. He's really cute; his eyes are possibly even more beautiful than Liam's, a bright blue.
It's getting incredibly awkward, until we hear the bell noise of someone coming into the coffee shop. We all look over to see a dark haired boy, the one that I ran into at the audition. I'm guessing he knows Liam too because he approaches our table.
"Liam, Niall! Did you see the ugly broads they're pairing us with for the tour? Ugh, there was this one girl that got cut- she was beautiful! Curves all over the place! How can we get her on the tour?"
"You can start by noticing that she's sitting right here," Liam says.
Am I just invisible to foreign boys?
"Hi," I smile at him, "I'm Emily."
Louis's smile spreads wide across his face. 
"Would you like to marry me?" he asks bluntly.
I giggle, "If I do, will you let me in the tour?"
"Hey, hey! I asked her here first mates!" Liam announces.
"Well you weren't forward enough," Louis says, then turns back to me, "You've got the job."
"Shouldn't you ask Ryan first?" Niall asks. His accent is different than theirs, which I didn't notice before.
"I'll go call him," Louis says, then turns to Niall, "Come with me mate."
Louis and Niall leave the shop, leaving Liam and me alone again.
"So what can I do to get you to date me?"
"I don't know," I reply coyly, "I've already promised my hand in marriage to, uhm, Louis."
He grabs my hand gently, "Well things change."
I smile and quietly look at our hands. That's when it hits me.
I might get to tour with three of the most attractive guys I've ever seen. They have all expressed interest in me. This is crazy. How will I choose?
Louis and Niall come back a few seconds later with huge smiles on their faces.
"Ryan wants to meet you! He says he's not sure since he cut you if you're what he's looking for," Louis says.
"But we're One Direction," Niall says, "Our word usually goes above everyone else's."
"And it's not like you aren't talented," Liam assures me.
Great, I think to myself, so I basically have the job.
But I still have to pick between these three great guys.
This is going to be a very interesting journey.
But sometimes you just need to choose one direction, and think- hey, we all gotta live while we're young.
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