The Cracked Doll

A girl buys a doll from a charity shop. Little does she know that this will be the biggest mistake she will ever make. She reads a diary which fell out of the dolls skirt. What will happen to her?


1. The charity shop

"Dad can I have that?" I asked hopefully. I was in the old charity shop at the end of our street. It was dark and dusty inside, I could only just see my younger brother Alex playing with a wooden train set. "im not sure Lucy, I did say 3 pounds or less," my Dad replied "and it's a bit freaky don't you think?" Typical, anything I want my Dad has to say no. Using the voice my Dad couldn't resist I pleaded "oh but it's only 7 pounds and I really like it." I was talking about an adorable little doll which was sitting on top of a shoe cabinet. "Fine, but it's not my fault if you get nightmares," he said, sighing. "Thanks Dad, you're the best!" I yelled, and imedietly took the money and payed for it. I had chosen it because it was from the same collection as the dolls my Mum had collected before she died. Then Alex whined that I was getting more money to spend than him and I knew there was a tantrum coming so I just left then.

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